I am a spiritual, intuitive multi-faceted artist of many mediums currently located in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

From a young age I have immersed myself in the arts and spent most of my time pursuing and studying different creative modalities.  My very first art of choice was music -- from the age of 4 until 19, I was a serious classical piano student and still practice to present day.  This foundation in music -- an art that requires discipline, feeling, skill, focus, and heart -- has allowed me to develop creative intelligence through all of my artistic and spiritual pastimes.  Writing, photography, martial arts, astrology and the healing arts are of special interest to me -- for these are the areas that I find it most natural to express what I feels is most essential -- spirit.

The work of communicating and expressing the simple profound nature of spirit in earthly life is my central focus.  For me, this aspiration transcends mediums and I am therefore most concerned with mastering my skills of communication, interpretation, expression, and teaching in order to convey what I know, see & feel and to be of service to others.  I do this with the aid of the many tools at my disposal.  In the Chinese tradition, five elements are used to describe the whole.  For me it the multiplicity of expressions, or trades that I work with.  As a person who has always been drawn to the unique, I find it easy to connect with and relate to just about anyone -- no matter their walk of life.  This allows me to be an eternal student, always learning, always flexible, and always evolving in my work.

In 2012, I began my business, MelaLuna Prismatic Photography, to offer my artistic services and abilities to my immediate community.  In 2013, I added another branch to the company, MelaLuna Celestial Astrology, and started doing Astrological readings professionally.  That same year, I also began teaching internal martial arts & qigong as an Assistant Instructor to Sifu Frank J. Paolillo of the Tao Institute, maintaining a presence in the evening entry level classes as well as my independent daytime classes.  MelaLuna Celestial Arts is a culmination of all of that work, and the fertile ground for evolutions to come.

My professional life and education have been as eclectic as my business.  In 2008, I graduated Emerson College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing, Literature in Publishing.  In the years between my graduation and the starting of my business, my natural knack for digital art and photography began to play into many of my writing-related gigs.  I gained experience photographing singers, artwork, and fashion.  I was an assistant to several independent artists, worked at a recording studio, and participated in a variety of creative projects as an administrator, writer, photographer, and all around organizational force.

In addition to this, I have also spent fifteen years as a dedicated martial arts student.  For ten years I studied Korean martial arts with a traditional master, and for the past five years I have been a student of Master F.J. Paolillo of the Tao Institute (Asheville, NC) whose specialty is Chinese Internal Martial Arts -- T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Ba Gua Zhang, Praying Mantis Kungfu, Shandong Weapons and Master Paolillo's own Tao Style which employs the principles of Tai Chi & Ba Gua in natural flowing martial movement.  I am profoundly influenced by my martial arts study in all areas of my life -- the study of Taoist Cosmology, the I-Ching, and the Chinese arts overflow especially into my work with Astrology.  Tao, a philosophy and lifestyle of natural harmony, virtue, and balance can be experienced deeply through martial arts practice, which I love to share with others.  I have also had the role of instructor and assistant instructor in several schools for over ten years.

My interest in Astrology and the intuitive arts was sparked in 2010.  Having always been curious, I drew up my own natal chart as young as age 12, but it wasn't until my mid-twenties when a friend shared with me the basics of how a chart really flows that my passion for astrology flared.  The elements that my friend was able to pinpoint at that time in my life were so spot on and accurate I just had to learn more!  Since then, I have  been studying voraciously -- pursuing further education through books, courses, connection with other astrologers, and my own intuition and lived experience.  In 2015, I also attended an Akashic Record Integration seminar with Deborah Hellman and Nancy Ring, which has brought a whole new level of spiritual influence and accuracy to my Astrology readings and writings.

To be connected with my natural spirit, and live life from my natural spirit is one of my primary aspirations -- and also the root of my service to others.  It is our connection to the unchanging core of ourselves and of life, that allows us to know happiness.  Peace comes with the understanding of and acceptance of change -- yet the integrity of who we are most deeply always remains.  Through movement, we integrate our bodies and unite with our spirit.  Through Astrology, we can understand our nature and the cycles of our lives.  And through art, we can express the changes, unspeakable emotions, and unmanifested visions of this fleeting, eternal evolution of life.

We all have a path that is our path and only ours.  To assist others in finding this path, and walking upon it with confidence through knowing the profound self, is my focus and specialty.