Final Eclipse


It has been one heck of a week to culminate what has been an extremely high octane month or two. Today I told myself and everyone I know that I was NOT doing anything, going anywhere, or talking to anyone, for a much needed breather, and I recommend that others make time to do the same for themselves where possible - whew!!! Tonight is the last of this series of 3 eclipses and is also the first of three super moons, meaning we will just be having stronger and larger than usual full moons throughout the summer. Which of course, seems funny to say, because the last several moons have been far from your average! Lunar activity in this Water Snake year (since February) has been HIGH, which makes sense: The archetype represented by the Chinese year of the Snake is one of internal transformation -- and moon cycles directly reflect our inner waters: our deepest feelings, our needs, our sensitive, sometimes hidden inner selves. Though there are events happening on the outside, the INNER world is where the changes are really taking place.

The last two eclipses were VERY intense -- the first one happening over a pretty rough opposition between Saturn and Mars, the second with two occultations (eclipses) happening simultaneously (Mars and Mercury), and this week, our eclipse is also occurring just 4 days after the Uranus-Pluto Square went exact for the 3rd of 7 times in their 5 year relationship. Good or bad, the past two months have not been easy going on any level. However, they have been very profound -- accelerating us all toward tremendous growth in new directions.

The good news is that tonight's eclipse seems to be much more mellow, and should culminate a phase of work that we have been doing for some years now. What I am getting from the chart is that our efforts to integrate our ideals and beliefs meaningfully with our daily lives has finally started to break solid ground. For some time, we've really been working to adjust our personal lives, and the greater society to better suit our philosophical leanings. We've been in a long term process of fine tuning our understanding of what is REALLY important, and at the same time we've also been working to reshape the world we live in to reflect these inner evolutions. This eclipse cycle has really showed me that the time has come for real progress to take place. People are no long satisfied with dissonance between the lived reality, and what they truly believe in. These ideals, the results of much soul searching and inner work, are now starting to manifest in the outer world and are coming into our lives on a more meaningful, systemic level. This eclipse is culminating and, in a sense, closing a major cycle, while simultaneously preparing us for the fertile, creative, and spiritually nourishing summer to come.

On that note, I will refer those interested to check out the June astrological forecast by an astrologer I really enjoy for further reflections on all this and more -- have a wonderful day!!!