Spring-Fall of 2019 // Current Energies: Intense Clearing


Hello everyone!

It’s been a little while with much unfolding in my world, thus less blogging.  I have spent a large part of this past month in particular putting together an intensive online astrology course covering the energies of 2020.  I highly recommend checking this out if you are interested in understanding more about the energy of these times from the astrological perspective.

From my view, the year 2020 represents a breakthrough time, and so I felt called to dive deeply into it and share what has come to me / what I have been discovering about the energies as they approach.  The course offers deep examination of this as well as a comprehensive look at historical and thematic components to the potent and rare Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction that will be highly active throughout 2020 (Think:  Structures meeting major transformation in a BIG way!)

We are in a time where the consciousness of humanity is shifting rapidly and life is changing immensely for many people.  This year, 2019, is a transitional year in which we are going through many preparatory processes to get ready for the shifts coming in 2020 & beyond.  In the course I elaborate on the layers & dynamics of the astrological components at play in 2020, as well as how the energies affect individuals on a personal level.  In fact, I offer a whole version of the course that includes your natal chart, showing precisely how everything is aligning for you specifically and a highlighted handout breaking down what to expect and how to work with the energies :) 

So if you feel called, please check it out!  It’s really jam packed with information and I guarantee you will come away with much to chew on regarding the flow of the next several years :)


OK!  With all that said!

This month, we just passed through a major eclipse portal.  The energy of these eclipses brought up much that is directly tied to the 2020 astrological alignments that are already starting to form in the skies.  So I really wanted to make sure that I wrote a bit about what’s happening for us RIGHT NOW, as it is extremely important on many levels to our process going forward.

 Yes, the eclipses have passed already… however, the impact of the energy lately is profound, so I feel that what I have to share here will hold relevance long beyond this short window.  Of course – that is the nature of eclipses, anyway!  But the energy of this summer, in particular, is one of deep inner process – with long term implications. 

So without further ado, here are my notes on the current energies.

Saturn on the South Node:  Sitting in Discomfort, Stuckness and Stagnation 

One of the primary patterns active throughout this summer is the conjunction of Saturn and the South Node.  Saturn:  the planet of karmic evolution, hard work, and mastery of lessons – and the South Node:  our karmic past, bad habits, and lazy tendencies.  Starting in April, the South Node crossed over both Saturn & Pluto, triggering the karmic process around & preparation for the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020.  In essence, April signaled something significant for us about the incoming transformations – and at this time we were granted some special insight – a way forward.  And then, very quickly, because it was malefic planets and the South Node – in came the WORK.  The heavy, unpleasant work.

Ordinarily, a transit of the node to a planet is a fairly brief meeting.  Significant, but fleeting.  However, this April, it just so happened that just as the South Node and Saturn went into alignment, Saturn turned retrograde and the two have been traveling together ever since (the lunar nodes always move in retrograde motion) – and this journey continues until October.   That is a very, very long time for Saturn to be working with the South Node.  An arduous 7 months of standstill and intense clearing.

The way that I see and feel it -- this alignment is so powerful that the sum total of all other astrological unfoldings this summer go right back to this joining of Saturn and the South Node, including the eclipses.  So most everything I will be discussing from here on out will be working from this perspective.

OK – so what does this mean for us in real time?

The basic way this energy feels to me is a prolonged ennui.  A sense that everything is stuck and nothing is moving.  We are feeling all of the problems and the mounting weight of the work involved with getting out from under them.   In some levels, the problems might even feel a bit irrational – like the burdens and weights upon us are entirely invisible, with no discernible or simple cause – and the emotions connected to these weights disparate and a bit random.  The most mysterious array of feelings arise – about where we are, where we are going, and especially:  What is the point of it all? 

The most recent eclipse portal merely amplified the conundrum.  Almost as if the eclipse energy’s purpose was to turn up the volume so loud that our frustrations, questions and misgivings, inner conflicts, weaknesses and shortages could become undeniably present.  Yet what is most difficult of all is that none of the problems have easy solutions.  Sure, there is the solution we always fall back on (the South Node) and escape to… but we know, somehow, that this is not the real answer or the direction of forward progress.  Not this time, and not ever.  And it is hard to face that even with the most positive expansions and growth in our lives at this moment – we don’t get to coast through.  Because right now, whatever it is, it’s all important, and it all matters.

This is a time of reckoning.  Of reviewing.  And it is also a time of deep integration and digestion.  We feel, acutely, the consequences of our past choices, positive and negative.  And we sense the importance of setting up the next phase with as much wisdom as we can gather.  What is really true?  And how many layers down do we have to pass through within ourselves to arrive at the core of what our lives are supposed to be?  Sorting through all of the desires, all of the influences from society, the internet, our friends, our family, our partners.  From where have we been making our choices?  For whom?  And can we accept responsibility for our failures & mistakes – learn, and move on?

There are a few important components that I see in moving through this time…  The first and most important is PRESENCE.

Do not run from discomfort.  Discomfort is a sign of change.  Change in this case is many things – and facing the reality of oneself and one’s life is the first of those things.  Change is not accomplished through denial but through acknowledgement and acceptance of reality.  After this, change can become other things – such as transmutation/digestion of the old, creative solutions to the problem, simplification, action, or release.  All of this calls for presence with what is, and an ideally observational acceptance for all that arises.

The next important component is STOP CONTROLLING EVERYTHING.  Exertion might be required, but control interferes and causes resistance.  The best way to deal with the need to control is to just to stop and be still.  Wait to pick up the current, and when in the current, surrender.  Control is exhausting and wasteful.  Move with consciousness, not forcefulness.

 The last piece is always going back to WHAT’S IMPORTANT LONG TERM.  What do you really want out of your life in the long view and how do your current choices reflect or reject that?  What contrary feelings come up and where are they rooted from?

This is a very intense time but it’s for good reason.  Starting in 2020 we’re going to be hurtled full throttle into very powerful changes.  What’s wonderful about this time and this energy is that we have the cosmic opportunity to really feel it all out beforehand.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  And to move through some major layers of self which might be getting in the way of where we’re going.  The iron boots feeling of Saturn on the South Node just helps us sit still and stop getting so distracted.  Like… we’re here, we might as well make the most of it.

It can feel like nothing’s happening at all (deafening silence), or that everything’s the worst drudgery… but in fact, a lot is happening.  It’s just taking the form of internal processing, deep feeling, and a lot of work.


Intense Ancestral Clearing

What we are going through is essentially an intense, ongoing, energetic clearing.  It feels harsh at times because the karmic stuff coming up is really deep and old, and for many of us it’s ancestral.  This is the stuff that lives deep in the bones and in the DNA.  Our physical and ego structures are developed from these ancestral imprints – and deep within all of us are impulses that are so subconscious and internalized that we barely even know they exist until they crop up in times like these.

What’s interesting about this, to me, is that there are certain family lineage patterns that we can observe easily (e.g. a history of addiction in a family), and yet there are others which we are completely unaware of until we experience them (e.g. the patterns of behavior in a relationship with partner or children) – in either case, even if we are aware of these patterns they are still quite difficult to root out and extinguish.

Many choices we make in our life, without us even knowing it, are driven by the family imprint, and in this moment there is a more pronounced sense of awareness around this. Are we following that imprint or are we departing from it?  And to what degree are we consciously choosing?  What is the distinction between autonomy and rebellion?  Between following tradition and falling into the same old trap?

Likewise there is a deep sense of longing for home – what home is to us?  What is the difference between our longings, desires and impulses that come from a desire for familiarity (DNA) and the callings of our spirit?  Are they one in the same for us — or distinct?

This feeling of searching for home and understanding our origins in communion with what’s true to our spirit and how to truly LIVE that, is really strong under this energy. How can we be sure we’re not just playing the same old tapes in disguise? And again, there is no clear answer, just a process.  Where the process is leading us, it seems to me, is into a deeper recognition of who we are, and a more easeful state of self acceptance, as well as a potentially healing time for family issues within oneself and between family members.

The work is heartfelt and deep.  There is a sense of coming together and back to basics with the North Node in Cancer.


The Power of Subtle Influence (Yin / Feminine Approaches on the Rise)

The final bit that I want to discuss is the increased potency, awareness, and implementation of yin (soft) methods to accomplish change in life, self and the world.

What this means to me, simply, is the reformation of oneself, one’s life, and perhaps eventually one’s community and the world, through influence, example, and direct relationship – rather than domination.

It is clear to me that no true change is realized without individuals coming to resolve their own inner conflicts for themselves.  I feel many people in the world are doing this work already – and I trust that reality will eventually shift with the increased cultural focus towards dealing with the internal contradictions and fallacies that dominate our world views (no matter who we are).  That said, I do not necessarily believe this means changes in our outer worlds (e.g. greater society level) will be discernible as quickly as many wish for.  However, I believe that over a larger arc of time, it is already unfolding and that we are heading into a more positive age for humanity.  The strength of feminine energy (and women), and yin approaches to problem solving (not gender specific), is a key component to this process.

Ever since Uranus crossed into Taurus in 2018, I have felt that we will see more women stepping forward to offer their ideas to the collective.  So far, I have observed this to be true and what is reflected to me about the feminine leadership that has appeared, is that it is in the feminine approach that something refreshing and inventive is brought to the collective.  The power is in how women connect with others, and also the unique ways in which women approach subject matter – bringing out dimensions previously unconsidered.  I believe that over the course of the next decade we will see many women bringing new approaches and ideas to previously male dominated areas of society and that this will cause a positive shift in the way larger structures & systems serve the world. 

On a more basic level, soft approaches are more favored now.  Encouraging connection and integration, in whatever way that shows up (within the body, within the spirit, within society) is extremely powerful, and needed now more than ever.  I feel hopeful that the true power of feminine energy is becoming more present, accepted and embraced by society as a whole and that the yin approaches of yielding, listening, integrating & digesting will be incorporated more and more into our daily lives, health practices, and discourse in general.

This concludes my thoughts on the energies for now :)  I truly hope that this serves you going forward.  If you are curious to read more – please feel free to check out all of the different articles I have on this blog, as well as my other more intensive offerings such as the 2020 Astrology Course, and my 2019 Written Reports (the information is still relevant and unfolding :)!) There is so much more to explore about the energy of these times and I have poured a great deal of my thoughts into these outlets — so do check it out!

Also – I often am asked by many readers what one can do to process all that is going on more smoothly.  I want to share that hands down, the best way I know to ground, transmute and transform in a graceful, yet deep way is through Meditation & Qigong work.

If you are local to Asheville, I would love to have you at the Tao Institute for any of our entry level classes to learn Tai Chi, Qigong & Baguazhang & other Taoist Cultivation & Meditation methods. These are wonderful, natural methods to get in touch with the body in a deep way, and assist in the process of spiritual transformation.

If you are not local, please stay tuned as we are working on more content for the Tao Institute website to better serve and connect with more people.  This is the work I do the most, which informs everything I write on this blog, and has also transformed my own life.  So I am pleased to share it in whatever ways I can :) 

Thank you so much for your time today and for reading my article.  Have a wonderful day and see you next time!

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