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A Spontaneous Message for the New Moon in Libra


Hello Everyone! Happy New Moon in Libra!

We have passed through the fall equinox and October is already fast approaching. It is a time for reaping the year's harvest and also contemplating balance in our lives. This year in particular, it feels important to take some time this fall to assess our progress, clarify our goals, and reckon our successes, failures, energy levels, and engagement with the various facets of our life. 2019 has been an incredibly intense year for many people and with the fall now upon us, we will begin positioning ourselves for the serious ramp-up that will occur over the next several months as we cross the 2020 threshold.

The big Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be occurring in January, amplified by eclipses and Jupiter's ingress into Capricorn -- it is a collision of massive change that will shake the world. This is a time of rapid transformation that cannot be ignored. Expect a long, intense, deep, exciting, at times raw and often profound unfolding process throughout all of 2020 that will plant the seeds of change for decades, and potentially centuries, to come.

Whatever we have been working with in our lives in 2019 is about to meet an important nexus, as we redefine who we are, and embody more of our truth and potential. We all are embroiled in complicated situations, and many of us are in meetings with destiny -- accepting big soul projects, and facing steps into something unknown. It is a beautiful, mysterious, rollercoaster of a time to be alive. A time of deep surrender, acceptance, and engagement with what is.

Whatever is destroyed must be rebuilt, brick by brick. With greater intelligence than before. There are no more superficial patch-ups. That which has eroded is beyond saving. But it is not a failure -- rather, this is the natural way of things. A stage we don't particularly favor, but one that must exist.

This is a season of savoring what is gained and also what is lost equally. As we move deeper into the darkness of the year, surrendering the parts of ourselves that must now go in order for us to move forward to the new now. A notion that often sounds romantic but rarely is. Though it could be quite easy or very difficult, depending on us. Nonetheless, it is unavoidable.

All that said, please have a wonderful fall season. I hope that wherever you are there are pretty leaves and plenty of hot apple cider to enjoy moments of peace in the chaos. Hold fast to the center.



P.S. The awesome stock photo is by sergio souza from Pexels. I love how nostalgic it feels... a fitting image for the end of the summer going into the fall ... or the end of an era!

Originally written for my October Newsletter (feel free to read all the updates & subscribe here)

Spring-Fall of 2019 // Current Energies: Intense Clearing


Hello everyone!

It’s been a little while with much unfolding in my world, thus less blogging.  I have spent a large part of this past month in particular putting together an intensive online astrology course covering the energies of 2020.  I highly recommend checking this out if you are interested in understanding more about the energy of these times from the astrological perspective.

From my view, the year 2020 represents a breakthrough time, and so I felt called to dive deeply into it and share what has come to me / what I have been discovering about the energies as they approach.  The course offers deep examination of this as well as a comprehensive look at historical and thematic components to the potent and rare Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction that will be highly active throughout 2020 (Think:  Structures meeting major transformation in a BIG way!)

We are in a time where the consciousness of humanity is shifting rapidly and life is changing immensely for many people.  This year, 2019, is a transitional year in which we are going through many preparatory processes to get ready for the shifts coming in 2020 & beyond.  In the course I elaborate on the layers & dynamics of the astrological components at play in 2020, as well as how the energies affect individuals on a personal level.  In fact, I offer a whole version of the course that includes your natal chart, showing precisely how everything is aligning for you specifically and a highlighted handout breaking down what to expect and how to work with the energies :) 

So if you feel called, please check it out!  It’s really jam packed with information and I guarantee you will come away with much to chew on regarding the flow of the next several years :)


OK!  With all that said!

This month, we just passed through a major eclipse portal.  The energy of these eclipses brought up much that is directly tied to the 2020 astrological alignments that are already starting to form in the skies.  So I really wanted to make sure that I wrote a bit about what’s happening for us RIGHT NOW, as it is extremely important on many levels to our process going forward.

 Yes, the eclipses have passed already… however, the impact of the energy lately is profound, so I feel that what I have to share here will hold relevance long beyond this short window.  Of course – that is the nature of eclipses, anyway!  But the energy of this summer, in particular, is one of deep inner process – with long term implications. 

So without further ado, here are my notes on the current energies.

Saturn on the South Node:  Sitting in Discomfort, Stuckness and Stagnation 

One of the primary patterns active throughout this summer is the conjunction of Saturn and the South Node.  Saturn:  the planet of karmic evolution, hard work, and mastery of lessons – and the South Node:  our karmic past, bad habits, and lazy tendencies.  Starting in April, the South Node crossed over both Saturn & Pluto, triggering the karmic process around & preparation for the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020.  In essence, April signaled something significant for us about the incoming transformations – and at this time we were granted some special insight – a way forward.  And then, very quickly, because it was malefic planets and the South Node – in came the WORK.  The heavy, unpleasant work.

Ordinarily, a transit of the node to a planet is a fairly brief meeting.  Significant, but fleeting.  However, this April, it just so happened that just as the South Node and Saturn went into alignment, Saturn turned retrograde and the two have been traveling together ever since (the lunar nodes always move in retrograde motion) – and this journey continues until October.   That is a very, very long time for Saturn to be working with the South Node.  An arduous 7 months of standstill and intense clearing.

The way that I see and feel it -- this alignment is so powerful that the sum total of all other astrological unfoldings this summer go right back to this joining of Saturn and the South Node, including the eclipses.  So most everything I will be discussing from here on out will be working from this perspective.

OK – so what does this mean for us in real time?

The basic way this energy feels to me is a prolonged ennui.  A sense that everything is stuck and nothing is moving.  We are feeling all of the problems and the mounting weight of the work involved with getting out from under them.   In some levels, the problems might even feel a bit irrational – like the burdens and weights upon us are entirely invisible, with no discernible or simple cause – and the emotions connected to these weights disparate and a bit random.  The most mysterious array of feelings arise – about where we are, where we are going, and especially:  What is the point of it all? 

The most recent eclipse portal merely amplified the conundrum.  Almost as if the eclipse energy’s purpose was to turn up the volume so loud that our frustrations, questions and misgivings, inner conflicts, weaknesses and shortages could become undeniably present.  Yet what is most difficult of all is that none of the problems have easy solutions.  Sure, there is the solution we always fall back on (the South Node) and escape to… but we know, somehow, that this is not the real answer or the direction of forward progress.  Not this time, and not ever.  And it is hard to face that even with the most positive expansions and growth in our lives at this moment – we don’t get to coast through.  Because right now, whatever it is, it’s all important, and it all matters.

This is a time of reckoning.  Of reviewing.  And it is also a time of deep integration and digestion.  We feel, acutely, the consequences of our past choices, positive and negative.  And we sense the importance of setting up the next phase with as much wisdom as we can gather.  What is really true?  And how many layers down do we have to pass through within ourselves to arrive at the core of what our lives are supposed to be?  Sorting through all of the desires, all of the influences from society, the internet, our friends, our family, our partners.  From where have we been making our choices?  For whom?  And can we accept responsibility for our failures & mistakes – learn, and move on?

There are a few important components that I see in moving through this time…  The first and most important is PRESENCE.

Do not run from discomfort.  Discomfort is a sign of change.  Change in this case is many things – and facing the reality of oneself and one’s life is the first of those things.  Change is not accomplished through denial but through acknowledgement and acceptance of reality.  After this, change can become other things – such as transmutation/digestion of the old, creative solutions to the problem, simplification, action, or release.  All of this calls for presence with what is, and an ideally observational acceptance for all that arises.

The next important component is STOP CONTROLLING EVERYTHING.  Exertion might be required, but control interferes and causes resistance.  The best way to deal with the need to control is to just to stop and be still.  Wait to pick up the current, and when in the current, surrender.  Control is exhausting and wasteful.  Move with consciousness, not forcefulness.

 The last piece is always going back to WHAT’S IMPORTANT LONG TERM.  What do you really want out of your life in the long view and how do your current choices reflect or reject that?  What contrary feelings come up and where are they rooted from?

This is a very intense time but it’s for good reason.  Starting in 2020 we’re going to be hurtled full throttle into very powerful changes.  What’s wonderful about this time and this energy is that we have the cosmic opportunity to really feel it all out beforehand.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  And to move through some major layers of self which might be getting in the way of where we’re going.  The iron boots feeling of Saturn on the South Node just helps us sit still and stop getting so distracted.  Like… we’re here, we might as well make the most of it.

It can feel like nothing’s happening at all (deafening silence), or that everything’s the worst drudgery… but in fact, a lot is happening.  It’s just taking the form of internal processing, deep feeling, and a lot of work.


Intense Ancestral Clearing

What we are going through is essentially an intense, ongoing, energetic clearing.  It feels harsh at times because the karmic stuff coming up is really deep and old, and for many of us it’s ancestral.  This is the stuff that lives deep in the bones and in the DNA.  Our physical and ego structures are developed from these ancestral imprints – and deep within all of us are impulses that are so subconscious and internalized that we barely even know they exist until they crop up in times like these.

What’s interesting about this, to me, is that there are certain family lineage patterns that we can observe easily (e.g. a history of addiction in a family), and yet there are others which we are completely unaware of until we experience them (e.g. the patterns of behavior in a relationship with partner or children) – in either case, even if we are aware of these patterns they are still quite difficult to root out and extinguish.

Many choices we make in our life, without us even knowing it, are driven by the family imprint, and in this moment there is a more pronounced sense of awareness around this. Are we following that imprint or are we departing from it?  And to what degree are we consciously choosing?  What is the distinction between autonomy and rebellion?  Between following tradition and falling into the same old trap?

Likewise there is a deep sense of longing for home – what home is to us?  What is the difference between our longings, desires and impulses that come from a desire for familiarity (DNA) and the callings of our spirit?  Are they one in the same for us — or distinct?

This feeling of searching for home and understanding our origins in communion with what’s true to our spirit and how to truly LIVE that, is really strong under this energy. How can we be sure we’re not just playing the same old tapes in disguise? And again, there is no clear answer, just a process.  Where the process is leading us, it seems to me, is into a deeper recognition of who we are, and a more easeful state of self acceptance, as well as a potentially healing time for family issues within oneself and between family members.

The work is heartfelt and deep.  There is a sense of coming together and back to basics with the North Node in Cancer.


The Power of Subtle Influence (Yin / Feminine Approaches on the Rise)

The final bit that I want to discuss is the increased potency, awareness, and implementation of yin (soft) methods to accomplish change in life, self and the world.

What this means to me, simply, is the reformation of oneself, one’s life, and perhaps eventually one’s community and the world, through influence, example, and direct relationship – rather than domination.

It is clear to me that no true change is realized without individuals coming to resolve their own inner conflicts for themselves.  I feel many people in the world are doing this work already – and I trust that reality will eventually shift with the increased cultural focus towards dealing with the internal contradictions and fallacies that dominate our world views (no matter who we are).  That said, I do not necessarily believe this means changes in our outer worlds (e.g. greater society level) will be discernible as quickly as many wish for.  However, I believe that over a larger arc of time, it is already unfolding and that we are heading into a more positive age for humanity.  The strength of feminine energy (and women), and yin approaches to problem solving (not gender specific), is a key component to this process.

Ever since Uranus crossed into Taurus in 2018, I have felt that we will see more women stepping forward to offer their ideas to the collective.  So far, I have observed this to be true and what is reflected to me about the feminine leadership that has appeared, is that it is in the feminine approach that something refreshing and inventive is brought to the collective.  The power is in how women connect with others, and also the unique ways in which women approach subject matter – bringing out dimensions previously unconsidered.  I believe that over the course of the next decade we will see many women bringing new approaches and ideas to previously male dominated areas of society and that this will cause a positive shift in the way larger structures & systems serve the world. 

On a more basic level, soft approaches are more favored now.  Encouraging connection and integration, in whatever way that shows up (within the body, within the spirit, within society) is extremely powerful, and needed now more than ever.  I feel hopeful that the true power of feminine energy is becoming more present, accepted and embraced by society as a whole and that the yin approaches of yielding, listening, integrating & digesting will be incorporated more and more into our daily lives, health practices, and discourse in general.

This concludes my thoughts on the energies for now :)  I truly hope that this serves you going forward.  If you are curious to read more – please feel free to check out all of the different articles I have on this blog, as well as my other more intensive offerings such as the 2020 Astrology Course, and my 2019 Written Reports (the information is still relevant and unfolding :)!) There is so much more to explore about the energy of these times and I have poured a great deal of my thoughts into these outlets — so do check it out!

Also – I often am asked by many readers what one can do to process all that is going on more smoothly.  I want to share that hands down, the best way I know to ground, transmute and transform in a graceful, yet deep way is through Meditation & Qigong work.

If you are local to Asheville, I would love to have you at the Tao Institute for any of our entry level classes to learn Tai Chi, Qigong & Baguazhang & other Taoist Cultivation & Meditation methods. These are wonderful, natural methods to get in touch with the body in a deep way, and assist in the process of spiritual transformation.

If you are not local, please stay tuned as we are working on more content for the Tao Institute website to better serve and connect with more people.  This is the work I do the most, which informs everything I write on this blog, and has also transformed my own life.  So I am pleased to share it in whatever ways I can :) 

Thank you so much for your time today and for reading my article.  Have a wonderful day and see you next time!

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New Moon in Pisces : March Astrology Message


March 6, 2019 is the New Moon in Pisces.  It’s a particularly powerful one that I would like to share some messages about. 

This New Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, and coincides with a Pisces Mercury Retrograde and the movement of Uranus into Taurus – a major 8 year transit (please read my article on this transit for more in-depth insight).  Just a few weeks ago, the asteroid of wounds, healing, vulnerability and mentorship, Chiron, also changed signs from Pisces to Aries where it will reside for 8 years as well.

To put it simply, this is a moment where the movements of the heavens are reflecting great change down here on earth, and so we can expect our worlds to evolve and change in kind.  The two long-term planetary ingresses initiate significant new phases of growth and the very intense Piscean energy that pervades the month of March shows a watery transition – filled with long abandoned memories, grief, and deep emotional release. 

Some keywords/concepts for this month:  Reflective, mirroring, nostalgia, flux, vague, confusion, visionary, deeply emotional, inspired, afraid, facing and embracing the past, transition, holding patterns, finishing what’s unfinished, preparing space, clearing the past to invite the future, connecting with spirit, embracing change. 

In this month’s message, perhaps appropriate to the Pisces Mercury Rx active right now, I decided to go forgo my usual astrological breakdown & dissection and go directly into the energy.  My hope is for a simpler, more direct message as a result.  Please enjoy.

In this era of great change each and every one of us is undergoing processes of transformation.  For years now, people have asked me, “When does it end?”  And the answer is that it never ends.  Maybe the day comes when change is stabilized, but I could not tell you when such a reality would come to pass and if it is soon or in the far distance.  For now, I perceive that it is right to accept that change is the new normal, and that we can learn to embrace and enjoy it instead of holding so much resistance to it.  Resistance is nothing more than a survival mechanism and it has served its purpose.  Now invites surrender.

Many of us have conditions in our lives that cause us to spin in cycles:  Visions that seem out of reach.  Paths we resist taking.  Patterns we can’t ever seem to address.  Intuitively, we know that we need to move forward, but it feels unsafe and unknown to leap into things that have no guarantees, no specific pattern, no outline.  We fuss about being accepted, having enough money, and always knowing what to expect.  We worry too much about whether or not we’re doing things right.  Unconsciously, we keep ourselves stuck and blame circumstance for our failures.

What arises now is something different – both the motivation to change and the vision of where the root of the problem lies.  Reflections of the past show up in everyday moments and take us back to places we had long concluded we’d rather not be.  But observing and feeling them anew, having changed as much as we have, grants a new perspective.  Don’t run from your reflection – because one day you’re going to have to accept that it is your face. 

What is the mirror really for?  In it we see what we really are – what lingers around us, what weakens us, what undermines us from embodying the real self.  Even if we know intellectually, perhaps we still have not seen it truly yet.  Within us the emotional paradigms can seem quite vast and unfathomable – from where did they arise?  It could be well beyond what we think and anyway, it’s not important – what’s more important is recognizing the integration of our hundred selves and the wars within as nothing more but friction between our multi-dimensional aspects.  What we are going through is a sort of fusion – eventually it will melt down into one, but there are still pieces that knock together unpleasantly and of course, there is also the fire scouring the impurities in tiny bursts and spontaneous flare-ups.

What I’ve noticed is that it won’t work to reject the old faces, old fears, or lament what has past.  Instead these must be drawn in and digested, incorporated into the being – so we can go forward with wholeness and acceptance of self -- past and future.  We are being haunted by the scars upon our heart, our deepest unprocessed pain, everything left in the boxes of the past that we decided to shut off and not feel.  Even if we’ve met these ghosts before, still there are residuals -- threads kept intact, pieces unconsidered, broken shards with some answers.    

The past and future might have long looked like a straight line – but in this moment they are all joining together – lines bending back to create circles, all closing at once, meeting at one point.  That point being now.  That point being you. 

Above all things it is about wholeness through drawing ones spirit back into oneself.  And through this, old pain and heaviness is slowly, naturally, and effortlessly dissolved.  Whatever threshold lies in wait requires this merging.  For reasons that we don’t have to know now, but also for one reason that is obvious:  For completion.

In coming months and years we will be embarking on a new journey.  It is a journey we’ve been working towards for some time.  Quite simply, it is a journey into the future – into light – into a developing new paradigm of reality.  And it is not to say that this is the kind of thing where one day we suddenly pack our bags and arrive – no, it will continue to unfold in a gradual manner.  The world will continue to play out its chaos.  We will continue to grapple with ourselves.  But what I am seeing is a kind of tipping point – the see-saw is equalizing – the window between two worlds is open and soon, we will find ourselves on the other side.  Thinking, creating, wondering, “What’s next?” in a more joyful way.  With more confidence, personal power, and control.

In our current world, nature and civilization exist in conflict and contrast.  Yin and Yang are separated.  Human and earth too distinct.  The lack of integration within the human body creates disease, and so it could be observed that the lack of integration of man with nature is a form of disorder, and the true root of our current condition.  The path to reclaim our connection to the earth is quite long and the distance exceeds our view.  At the same time, the distortions of human consciousness are profound and deeply embedded by millennia of conditioned response – so of course we find it painful, destabilizing and confusing to be where we are now – the place in-between.   

But with sincerity and faith, we can go forward.  Trust in goodness.  Trust that you can be healed.  Trust in the power of the human spirit.  That we can overcome.  Together we already have the skills, knowledge and creativity to change the world, to correct the corruption, and find a new order.  And soon, we will also start to see the way through.  But for now we have to surrender and trust that wherever we are going next, we are getting closer to what we’ve hoped for.  

It starts with ourselves.  It starts inside.  Always.  Every time.

How can we embrace every person we’ve ever been – in this lifetime and in the past?  How can we accept every experience we’ve ever had?  How can we love the joy and the pain, the beauty and the sorrow, with equanimity?  And forgiveness?

It’s time we stop denying life to erase darkness -- because we know it doesn’t work.  Darkness is dispersed only when it is seen.  Health only exists when there is acceptance, integration and digestion.  Wholeness includes everything, no exceptions.

Yes, these times are intense, taxing, and filled with difficult inner trials.  We must remain vigilant to establish good habits for our health and well-being just to stay on top of it all.  But in the energy of change, there is also the possibility of miracles.  Our ails help us to grow. 

If we have beautiful dreams, no matter how grand or how simple, let’s nurture them with faith and devotion. Let us meet them with our complete, whole, and integrated selves.

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I have made this report available as an individual download or as a combined download with January’s Eclipse report, as the events of January hold relevance to the year ahead and I feel it would be beneficial for readers to have both as a joint reading.

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Reinvention & The Vision for Progress: The Astrology of January 2019 / Eclipse Season Report

Hello Everyone
and Happy 2019!

We have a big month upon us already, astrologically speaking, with important eclipses kicking off the new year!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I like to write about eclipse cycles because they are such potent periods of transformation. I am very excited for you to read what has come to me about the January eclipses.

That said, with the new year upon us I have an important announcement to make! 

Starting this year, I have decided, with a leap of faith, to change the format of my blog offerings. Instead of the public, general articles that I have been writing, I will be switching to a paid structure. Within the new structure I will be offering my usual Cosmic Weather transmissions, as well as incorporating more educational materials for you to enjoy. The articles will be provided as downloadable PDF files that you can purchase here on my blog or in my store :)

The reason for this shift is multifold. By offering my content for a small fee, this will allow me to be able to write more frequently, and gives me latitude to begin doing something I’ve wanted to do for years: Teach the practical aspects of astrology as a tool for soul evolution & spiritual transformation. Through this change, I will be able to spend more time exploring the function of cosmological principles in a way that is naturally digestible and assists in developing intuition / energetic relationship to the cosmos.

I believe that we learn best through experience — and what better way to learn more about astrology but through the immediate reflection of the current cosmic weather patterns. The guidance I received from my spirit was that this new format will allow me to work more deeply with a group energy, and create from my passion which is soul process & spiritual cultivation. I am truly excited to see how it all unfolds and receive your feedback. Already there is much I am hoping to share :)

Keep on scrolling to learn more about what this month’s PDF has to offer and to purchase the report!!!


In this month’s article I share a 12 page in-depth analysis of the Eclipses of January 2019.

This report includes:

  • Perspectives on using Astrology as a tool for soul expansion

  • Discussion of Taoist principle “Wu Wei”/Non-doing when working with Astrology

  • In-depth explanation of the meaning of Eclipses and their function in our spiritual process

  • A full analysis of the energies of the Partial Solar Eclipse on January 5

  • A full analysis of the energies fo the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21

  • Dates of previous periods that relate to this one

  • A brief note on what to expect for the New Year of 2019 (more to come in next month’s Lunar New Year article)

Excerpts from January’s Cosmic Weather report…

“…In general, the frequency of the planet is increasing so rapidly now that we can no longer hold the old paradigms in place – but these paradigms are so deep that they feel like reality to us, so fear of letting go is extreme.  What this eclipse is saying to me is that we are recognizing how much we are limiting ourselves because of fear, and are readying ourselves for the transition to the next levels.  We see now that the choice is to be imprisoned by our old issues or step daringly into the unknown.  Either situation is uncomfortable – as one feels overbearing while the other feels overwhelming. ” — Read More.

“…The keyword for the New Moon / Solar Eclipse is REINVENTION.  If you are inclined to set New Years resolutions/New Moon intentions, this eclipse is especially potent for reviewing where in your life and your being you need to reinvent yourself so that you can be YOU more fully in 2019.

How can I take better care of myself and my needs, so that I can remain centered with my own truth & feelings?  What negative ideas or habits have I developed that undermine my inner sense of foundation & security?  Where do I equate difficulty & burdens with importance and meaning?  How can I be more supportive of myself, so that I can live in a manner that leaves me feeling restored and balanced? 

These questions (& more in the full article) can assist us in thinking more deeply about how to move forward with changes and improvements in our lives this year. ” — Read More.

“…We have been grappling with the Leo / Aquarius energy since 2017. The Leo/Aquarius node cycle was about identifying “Who am I?” and “What am I here to create as an individual?” The Lunar Eclipse feels very much like a conclusion to that story. Did you discover who you are? Did you learn how to be yourself, even when your social group doesn’t understand? Have you decided your direction – from your own heart? If the answer is yes to the previous questions – this eclipse will bring about emotional breakthrough and a sense of peace with your choice. If there are still questions in this area, this eclipse will bring those up so you can begin to answer them and move forward.” — Read More.

Thank you for your support :)



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Evolutionary Sparks: The Astrology of November 2018 and Onward

Hello everyone! 

November is a very big month of planetary movements.  My working life has been quite busy lately with teaching and some new projects underway, so I have not been able to write as often.  However, this month is so eventful with many significant shifts that I wanted make the time to share a bit about them and their longer-term impact.

Here is a short list of important astrological events in November:

November 6 - Uranus Rx returns to Aries
November 6 – The Nodes of Fate move into Cancer/Capricorn (precisely square Uranus for the past few weeks, and at the time of ingress)
November 7 – New Moon in Scorpio
November 8 – Jupiter Enters Sagittarius
November 15 – Mars enters Pisces (after many months retrograding in Aquarius/Capricorn)
November 16 – Venus goes Direct (Libra/Scorpio, Rx since October 5)
November 16 – Mercury goes Retrograde (Sagittarius)
November 23 – Full Moon in Gemini
November 24 – Neptune goes Direct

And here are a few notes, elaborations and explanations of the above events, what they mean, and how they influence the energetic currents of this month and the coming months…


Long Term Influences: 

  • Uranus Returns to Aries:  Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time in 84 years back in May and will return to this sign in March.  This brief dip back into Aries (now through March) triggers resurgence in the Aries-Uranus issues (2011-2018) and reignites a spark of inspiration and revolutionary zeal around issues of individuality, self expression and independence.  Identity, human rights, and the sovereignty of the individual voice were all major themes of the Uranus-Aries transit.  We have a chance to revisit what might have been left undone in this area and become re-motivated as to the deeper purpose of the Uranus-Taurus projects/ideas that have come up in the collective consciousness over the course of the last few months.  Now that we’ve had a chance to experience Uranus in its new sign, we can assimilate more of what the experience of Uranus in Aries was for, and bring it more deeply into the foundation-breaking / awakening embodiment of Uranus-Taurus energy.   (For a full analysis of the Uranus-Taurus transit, please check out my article here: Breaking Ground:  Uranus in Taurus)

  • The North Node moves into Cancer for 18 months, and crosses this threshold precisely square to Uranus.  For the past several weeks the planet of Uranus has been traveling in precise square to the axis of fate, known as the North & South nodes – a very intense aspect implicating important choices and sudden shifts in the direction of the collective soul.  To have these two travel together through a sign change is quite unusual and powerful.  The chart at the moment of a planetary ingress (sign change) describes the essence of how the transit will play out – and so aspects to the planet/point in question are particularly important.  In this case with the nodes of Cancer & Capricorn square to Uranus the awakener/revolutionary, who is changing signs simultaneously, suggests immense change, instability, and breaking from tradition on many levels over the course of the next 18 months.  Uranus still was in the sign of Taurus during the nodes’ precise ingress, emphasizing that the nature of this change is foundation shaking at the soul level.  It feels as if there is a strong sense of cause & effect at play… Because of the embodiment process suggested by Uranus in Taurus (people becoming more aware of their bodies, health, the earth’s health, feminine roles/health, spiritual engagement with the body, etc), it forces us to fundamentally review, re-envision, and remake the pillars of family (Cancer) and Societal/Governmental Structure (Capricorn).  At the same time the outmoded ideas held by the Cancer/Capricorn archetypes can be experienced as limitations, triggering an even more profound desire to break free from them.  We can expect this to be a big source of inner & outer conflict as comfort zones are severely tested and questioned. 

  • The Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn also means that the points of fate will be involved in a significant configuration of Capricorn planets from now through 2020.  The South Node traveling through the sign of Capricorn means that it will be joining Saturn and Pluto over the course of the next few years.  By 2020, the South Node, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be together in the sign of Capricorn where Saturn/Pluto & Jupiter will make a grand conjunction.  This is an extremely significant and rare configuration that marks tremendous instability, change, and revolution.  In addition this alignment is occurring in the lead up to the USA Pluto return (an event that happens once every 248 years) making it significant to US politics and government especially.  The South Node traveling through this configuration is sure to bring up the immense shadow side of government systems (Capricorn), institutions and the way power and authority play out in our lives in general (personal & world).   This is a force to be reckoned with and through this energetic alignment the world is guaranteed to go through a huge metamorphosis.

    We experienced the energy of the South Node transiting an outer planet (South Node in Pisces conjunct Neptune) back in 2016, and the results in that case were quite chaotic, however it did trigger a deeper collective impulse towards clarity, participation, and tangible truth/practical solutions (Virgo North Node) in light of the intangible, emotional and confusing illusions & deceptions brought out by Pisces (easy example being the way social media algorithms influenced public division during the 2016 election – this was an insidious & hidden thing which affected the subconscious, very Pisces).  I feel that we can expect some similar “Wake Up” moments over the course of these next few years as the nodes cross Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter in Capricorn.  The echo effects will be far reaching, but significant progress can emerge from these as collective lessons are assimilated and understood.

    The North Node traveling opposed to these giant planetary influences in the sign of Governments and Institutions suggest that despite all of the trouble coming from this area of life, the answers we need stem from something more direct and basic. Family values, loving acceptance, protection of those we care about, nurturance of people in need, improvements to the home environment, tackling the domestic/local/internal issues first, basic necessities as priority — These are the priorities of the Cancer archetype and these are all things that the higher governing structures and other controlling bodies (such as media, etc) have totally lost touch with. So the collective soul lesson of this time is about recognizing the importance of reconnecting and repairing the intimacy of home, family and community, and using that as the rooted place from which we make changes in the outer world.  As a society we have placed so much importance on ambition, fame, “the hustle” etc that we have come to neglect and even shun the fundamentals of life in favor of money or power. This next 18 months will likely bring some major reality checks to this area, to remind us that at the end of the day if we don’t value the real and tangible connections we have with others, we lose out on what truly nourishes us as beings.  When false ambition, power, and ego fail us, what is left?  Did we care for others – or did we only care about ourselves?

    We can expect considerable stripping away of what we currently hold true regarding the dynamic of Work & Family (Cap/Cancer), reflections on what has evolved over time with regards to these two basic realms of life, and where to go next.  The image that comes to mind for this transit is a beautiful home (Capricorn) on a weak foundation (Cancer).  Remembering our humanness and returning to our roots, we can progress further with less effort.  This is a secret that we’ve forgotten.

  • Jupiter moves into Sagittarius only a few days after the Node/Uranus transition, amplifying its energy.  As I mentioned earlier, the planetary configurations at the time of a planetary ingress describe a lot about how the transit as a whole will play out.  Now, think about all I have discussed this far and add Jupiter, the planet of expansion to the mix.  A big energy grows even larger!  However, there is a bright side: In Sagittarius, Jupiter is quite a bit more optimistic than in Scorpio – so it gives a buoyant, more hopeful influence that allows us to see the positive side of change.  Jupiter in Scorpio, where we spent the last 12 months, is a difficult energy because wherever Jupiter travels, it increases the energy and asks us to expand our perspective in order to see MORE.   Scorpio is a dimension of reality that contains many things that most people find unpleasant – sexuality issues, power issues, trust issues, money dramas, abuse, death – so when Jupiter transits here it brings up a lot in the collective consciousness that is highly charged and emotional.  After a very challenging year around these issues (the most prominent Jupiter-Scorpio topic being the “Me Too” movement), Jupiter moving into Sagittarius will help us take action, achieve justice, and see with greater vision what has occurred, what is coming, and how we can influence the issues toward positive growth.  This also amplifies the sense of exploration and discovery that is essential to arriving at unique solutions to collective issues.  Jupiter in Sag will also expand and carry forward the energy of breaking tradition/social norms as it occurs the day after a new moon (always a symbol of a new path/uncharted territory) and with the Uranus/Node aspect strong in the chart.



Short Term Influences:

  • The New Moon in Scorpio occurs in close relationship to the above planetary movements is a particularly potent one occurring amidst so much change.  The changes and alignments echo each other… suggesting mystery, transformation, and deep discovery in the years coming.  This is a time to embrace that walk into darkness, as winter approaches, and as the cycles unfold.  The collective shifts of this time are not comparable to the past… they are distinct, and in a way, unpredictable.  So I feel this is a call to be in the present moment with everything, in the moment it is occurring.  As that is the nature of the dark moon, of Scorpio, and of the time in general.


  • Echoing this, Mars’ exceptionally long transit in Aquarius this year comes to an end on November 15, bringing us into a space of the unknown – Pisces.  Coinciding with all I just mentioned plus Venus & Mercury Retrograde – from now until the end of the year Mars will transit Pisces.  After we spent the summer in a doozy of a Mars Retrograde that was accompanied & aligned with 3 eclipses and 5 other retrograding planets, Mars’ shift into Pisces is a fascinating end to an elaborated reevaluation of our use of will and considerations of the collective direction. The transition reads to me like a period of integration, as well as an opportunity to practice intentional openness with the sea change we are about to dive more deeply into.  Mars is the principle of action and in Pisces, its direction is vague.  In this moment, the directions feel most appropriately guided towards listening inwardly to the new ways of being that are waiting to be discovered.


  • Venus moves Direct and Mercury goes Retrograde on November 16.  Venus will move forward in Libra and return to Scorpio on December 2 where it remains until January.  Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius.  Both influences are active until the end of the year, adding to the evaluative, reflective, deep nature of this time period.  Venus & Mercury in the realms of Scorpio & Sag also seems to echo the transit of Jupiter across these two signs, showing deeper evaluation of the issues that Jupiter has brought forth in Scorpio and will spark in Sag.  Sex, money, power dynamics, control issues (Scorpio) – dogmas, creeds, philosophies, meaning, and ideals (Sag). Venus will also pass through the space of Uranus and the Nodes at the end of November, triggering the message of change in relationships/finances that has been active throughout this time in a new way, adding another dimension to what we’ve working with since September, because both Uranus and the nodes are in different signs than they were when Venus first crossed them during this retrograde period.


In short, November kicks off a wide array astrological events, while also calling us deeply inward for integration, presence and perspective on a variety of different issues we face in our lives. As I anticipated when reading the chart for the Lunar New Year, 2018 has been very intense, karmic, and evolutionary year. Incredibly challenging, but deeply transformative on so many levels it is truly amazing. It is a change so involving that it calls every part of us to the table, and we cannot ignore it — but yet this is what we are here for. To become present, whole, and healed.

I really hope that these notes are helpful to you in navigating the remainder of the year.  The most essential message that I can distill from ALL that is coming through right now is to not be afraid of change, and to remember that it’s the little things that matter.  Change starts with the individual – with the dreams that call you, with the visions that inspire you, with your way of being in the world, and the people whom you love and attend to.  Harmony within the self, within the family, within the community, within the country, and then within the world.  This is the way we can grow as a collective at this time.

Peace and blessings.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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Eclipse Season Reflections: Summer of 2018


Hello Everyone!

I wrote this piece several months ago during the summer and posted it on Facebook. I thought I might do a more formal edit and put it on this blog, but I never ended up doing that. However, I wanted to share it anyway. I am backdating this entry for the date it was originally posted — even though it’s technically “old news” I hope that it’s interesting/helpful to read, reflecting on the events of this past summer! Astrologically we had 3 eclipses and 6 retrogrades, so it was a seriously intense, super crazy summer!


July 29, 2018 // Eclipse Reflections

The middle eclipse was Friday -- the big Total Lunar Eclipse that sits right in the center of the three-eclipse cycle we are currently under, and had a totality duration of a whopping 1 hour and 43 minutes (!) in the places where it was visible. It was extremely powerful, echoing in so many ways back to the Total Solar Eclipse last August. Tapping into the atmosphere of the people I serve, I can sense that it's been a challenging month for many, and that people are really going through it. For that reason, I wanted to take some time this weekend and share my observations.

For the past several evenings I've been watching the Moon & Mars slowly come into and out of conjunction. The red star seemed to be the only star visible, and I thought it was no wonder the ancients saw it was ominous.

For me, this eclipse period has been a time of beautiful breakthrough and positive alignment -- a stepping in to my spiritual responsibilities with less fear, and more clarity. Projects are starting to move forward and the nature of my role in spiritual community is starting to settle in. I feel more expanded than I ever have in my life, but confident in my ability to take on this growth. After years of grueling work, faith, and preparation, I have moved into the space of creation and vision. I can take off the coat of the past, and live in my spiritual present.

I see reflections of my experience in the experiences of those around me. That in general, we are all taking off some coat of the past. That we are moving from stagnant space into action -- and that action is directly derived from messages of "seeing our place in it all." When we can perceive our actual role in a broader level, it's easier for us to make adjustments in our lives where it previously seemed impossible. So much of this energy I wrote about in my Uranus in Taurus article I am seeing playing out under these eclipses more acutely -- as well as the issues that came up for all of us at the time of last August's solar eclipse coming into resolution, finality, or at least the 'next steps' now.

Eclipses represent doorways, endings and beginnings. They tend to amplify energies such that when there is an issue we have been ignoring playing for a long time in the background, suddenly that thing pops and we can't ignore it anymore! Relationship issues, health issues, life path, spiritual direction, emotional/mental issues -- eclipses will tend to bring these to the foreground in a demanding manner and they can be the moments that tip the scales towards "break up" or "break through." Any endings or new beginnings that have been delayed due to habit, inertia, indecision, etc -- come crashing down with the full force of sometimes exhilarating, sometimes dismal, clarity. Basically -- wherever we are stagnant, wherever we aren't looking closely enough or clearly enough, especially if our natal chart is the pathway of the eclipse -- suddenly we are awakened into a state of understanding about the situation that we can't go back from.

It can take months to years for the fullness of the events of an eclipse to play out. Sometimes the echoes of particularly potent eclipses will carry on for the duration of their 19 year cycle before the full karmic process is complete. They are power packed periods with an energetic quality and resonance that has the potential to deeply, and quite profoundly affect us.

I recently read in one of astrologer Michael Erlewine's essays on eclipses (Check those out here) that the Tibetan Buddhist perspective on new & full moons is that these are times of energetic potency during a month, when our inner channels are most open and chakras in natural alignment. This, of course, is amplified considerably during eclipse periods -- when the heavenly bodies themselves are also in very close, and sometimes very precise alignment! This is one of the reasons why many traditions across the world take the time of an eclipse for meditation and inner work.

This perspective makes absolute sense to me and aligns perfectly with my own experiential relationship with eclipses over the years. When we consider eclipses in this light, it certainly stands to reason that if we are in a period (consciously or unconsciously) of intensified alignment, of course we might feel struck with sudden enlightenment (pleasantly or unpleasantly) around where we are blocked and out of alignment! I feel this can also be understood as a time when our spirit and our physical body are the closest -- as the earth, sun & moon are also the closest -- and so our spirit has a chance to speak VERY LOUDLY into the momentum of our lives. No matter how painful or difficult it is for the ego to grasp at times, we often need these course corrections for some reason or another. Our higher spirit is always aspiring to help us move through our lessons and stay on track with what it is we are supposed to be accomplishing.

But eclipses are really not all doomy and scary. Sometimes the shifts that happen at eclipses are downright magical, even though they have a reputation for being the portents for disaster. At the end of the day, eclipse times are portals of expanded awareness and energy. And they are also opportunities for transformation. So no matter what is happening in your life at an eclipse -- if it is really heavy and hard, full of movement, unexpected, or boring and noneventful -- it is an incredibly potent time to surrender into the flow of spirit and allow the transmutation processes available to take place.

This eclipse energy in particular seems to be bringing up a lot of stuff around the role of relationships in spiritual process. I see relationships needing more fluidity, and recognition that whatever relationship situation one is in, there is a firing process that the two parties are agreeing to walk through by being involved with it. This applies most to close intimate relationships but with Aquarian energies at the forefront of the eclipse, this really is also about relationships with friends, relationships with community, and our function and role in society. I feel that the feminine energy of the Taurus/Uranus energy is calling for more tolerance and understanding in relationship dynamics, and more softness/heart awareness as a method for awakening and transformation. My favorite recent metaphor is seeing the old energies/attitudes/whatever in our society, personal social conditioning, etc, as being like a layer of burnt crud on a dish -- you have to soak it for a long time, have patience, and work it out gradually with all kinds of scrubbies and sponges to get it clean again. It's not an easy process, but one that is achievable -- and in the case of humanity on a spiritual level -- NECESSARY.

I see it as the YIN feminine essence coming to digest errant YANG rigid perceptions/false ingrained patterning through embracing, and slow transmutation/cleansing. Rather than through clashing. Yang energy, when purified, can become light again.

There is also some work I see regarding attunement to the physical body as a messenger, and people realizing they need to become more aware of their subtle bodies to get to the bottom of mysterious ailments.

All of the above is also contained within the idea that we must recognize that it is our PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to accept our role in spiritual process -- for the betterment of ourselves, our relationships, our community, the world, etc. And no matter what the place of our focus is -- even if it seems small -- it is important that we actively engage with our part in a conscious manner. Our engagement in our part is what influences the growth of the whole. So if we feel stuck somewhere or unhappy, it's our job to take a look at that and get unstuck. That, of course, is where listening to spirit comes in -- now's the time to listen, and act. And step in more fully through it.

Stay centered and trust.

Uranus in Taurus: Breaking Ground


On May 15, 2018, Uranus made its first Ingress into Taurus.  This transit is the most major planetary movement of 2018 and is one of several concurrent planetary movements and patterns that suggests we are entering a pivotal time of epochal change in the world -- one that has been building and developing for quite some time.

In general, outer planet movements in astrology often denote major shifts in the mass psyche and mark generational patterns.  This is because the planets that are furthest out in the solar system move the slowest through the zodiac, and therefore have a more sustained impact over a greater period of time – creating long-term evolution in the area where the influence is traveling.  These energies are distilled through changes in society during the time period that they are active, as well as in people born during those periods who embody the struggles and gifts of each placement.

The planet of Uranus – awakening, disruptive, electric, technological, individualistic – entering the sign of Taurus – fixed, focused, earthy, feminine, material – is an energy that brings change to our tangible experience very directly.  Taurus is a sign that governs money, the environment, physical earthly life, and stubborn, deeply rooted habitual attitudes.  Taurus, in many ways, represents the bedrock of society – the well-established norms and unchanging forces that allow us to feel stable.  Whether or not we enjoy or love these forces, they are accepted and maybe even taken for granted, because they feel so essential and immovable.

When Uranus comes into the picture, however, those definitions change and they change quickly and in often surprising ways.  Uranus is a thunderous energy that causes eruptions and volatility, sudden flare-ups, and dramatic, unexpected events that alter perceptions forever.  In the sign of Taurus – the bedrock is shaky, fixed perspectives are at their breaking point, and the physical world is no longer as it has seemed.

The coming 7-8 years, as Uranus travels through this sign, promise to bring immense, tangible change to that which is immediately apparent and relevant to our lives:  economic systems, the health of the earth and environment, as well as the function and use of esoteric and earth based knowledge in a modern society that has largely lost touch with such information, and/or struggled to find significant, grounded application for it.

One major message that I received for this transit is:  “In order to shift the tangible reality (Taurus) – the intangible (Uranus) must become tangible” … this, I feel, summarizes much of what I am going to share in the coming sections.

So without further ado, I’d like to begin breaking down my thoughts on this transit by topic.


First, Uranus in Taurus in the Greater Astrological Matrix

(Note:  I strongly suggest also reading my articles on the Lunar New Year, Saturn in Capricorn & Jupiter in Scorpio for further depth and additional layers)

Timeline of Uranus in Taurus Transit:

  • Uranus first enters Taurus: May 15-November 7, 2018

  • Uranus returns to Aries via Retrograde: November 7, 2018-March 5, 2019

  • Uranus returns to Taurus for remainder of transit: March 6, 2019 – July 7, 2025 (with retrograde November 8, 2025-April 26, 2026)

No planetary movement ever exists in a vacuum.  It is always a part of a larger picture of planetary movements that augment the interpretation of a transit – and also give specificity to a transit’s impact from one period of history to another.

The last time that Uranus transited through Taurus was 84 years ago from 1934 to 1942.  This was a time period that historically followed a worldwide economic depression and culminated in the beginning of World War II (1938-45). Although there are many things about the present day’s Uranus Taurus transit that will make this period of time quite different from the last – many of the themes which were active from that period are likely to recur and be rewritten now.  Economic systems, collective ideals & attitudes around what creates stability in our social organizations, and the role of technology in human progress are among the topics that will be especially considered and likely to cause friction.

When considering the long range, I feel that it can be reasonably stated that the events leading into WWII and their aftermath officially “set the stage” for much of what has occurred since.  The evolutionary arc of most people living today arose from the rubble of this extremely harsh and tumultuous period in world history and our collective cultural outlook has been deeply influenced by it.  The atrocities, the reasons that they came to be, and the subsequent growth determined what we collectively agreed upon as acceptable from there on out.  In like fashion, I see the events of the next 7-8 years to be similarly pivotal.

In the present day Astrological picture, this transit of Uranus through Taurus comes at an interesting time.  Particularly, Uranus crossing into Taurus also coincides with Saturn’s transit through its two signs of natural rulership:  Capricorn & Aquarius.  Pluto is also moving through the same territory (albeit much slower) at the same time.  Uranus in Taurus indicates significant shifts in the foundations of life and Saturn & Pluto in the signs that relate specifically to greater society, social order and government throughout this transit suggest major social overhaul and structural change at both the fundamental and larger societal levels.

Because of this alignment, the earlier years of the transit will feel very real.  We will be grappling with situations directly, and as a society, that have a physical impact on our lives.  This will come to the greatest level of intensity in 2020 when Saturn, Pluto AND Jupiter all align in Capricorn – this, in particular, can be considered a major turning point/breaking point.  We will not be able to turn away from the change – it will not be something running in the background, ignorable.  Change will be coming right to our doorstep, whether we want it to, or not.  The issues at hand will feel intractable, but the pressures to change will continue to build and increase until it can no longer be contained.  Expect change to burst forth explosively and violently in all areas where stagnation has gone on too long, and swiftly and surprisingly in all areas where progress has been allowed to naturally unfold.

After 2023, when Saturn leaves Aquarius, there will be a tone shift.  At this point Pluto will cross into Aquarius, and Saturn will travel through the sign of the collective unconscious and dreams, Pisces.  This undoubtedly will bring about a deep reckoning of where we are going as a society, and a clearing/awareness of what hidden remnants might be left behind from the previous years’ destruction of status quo.

By the time Uranus leaves Taurus, Saturn and Neptune will both transit into Aries, leaving only Pluto left in the “collective” oriented signs of the zodiac.  By the time that this occurs the world will have shifted incredibly, and the focus of the collective energy will be largely on more direct, individual-oriented issues.  When Pluto finally crosses into Aries some decades later (2068), perhaps that is when our collective work of transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius might be fully established.

All in all, this is one of the most potent times of transition and revolution that we have seen in a long time, as so much energy is focused not only on the fundamentals (Taurus), but also on the major pillars of society and collective consciousness.


So now that we’ve got that overview and context, let’s get specific about what types of changes might we expect during this period…


Body Consciousness & The Integration of Earth Energies

Although this might not be the most obvious external influence, for me it was one of the first messages I got regarding the Uranus-Taurus transit.  As a person who practices Internal Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi Chuan, Baguazhang, Qigong), this was something immediately relevant to my work and day-to-day teaching.

The sign of Taurus is a bodily sign – and Uranus is the planet that relates directly to the divine mind & consciousness.  As an intuitive and energetic practitioner, this immediately tells me that issues of body and consciousness are going to come to much greater relevance throughout this period.

Where does your consciousness sit in your body?  Are you aware that it can be directed, moved, and utilized?  How do we even begin to sense the deeper consciousness in a physical, tangible way?

The era where the energetic arts are hidden in secret sects and mystery schools and/or written off as quackery is coming to an end.  More and more people will be needing access to energetic embodiment practices and health care services in order to find better physical health and basic equilibrium, as most of us experience a great deal of energetic bombardment in our modern, high stress, high tech lifestyles.  With Uranus in Taurus, it all won’t seem so “kooky” or weird anymore.  In part, mainstream consciousness will (as it already has) start to adjust more to the ideas.  The quality of the information, practitioners, etc. will also improve and evolve.

Throughout this period, the ways in which we have drifted from embodiment and connection to nature, as well as how this impacts us in a concrete way, will become increasingly evident.  For those who are already involved with embodiment and consciousness refinement work, the integrity and realness of this work will be tested, and there is a potential for tremendous growth as we find more and more ways to bring modern understandings and realities (Uranus) to ancient nature-based techniques and teachings (Taurus).   At the same time revolutionizing (Uranus) the modern frameworks for understanding reality (Taurus) to incorporate this new information more widely (Uranus).

In this way, I expect that ancient sciences and cosmological practices will not only gain more traction culturally, modern sciences will also start to “catch up to” this information.  Deeper understandings of the functional aspects of intuitive and spiritual work will start to emerge within practitioners who are/have been working with these perspectives, as well as in a society that is grappling with environmental crisis.

The other element to this that I see goes back to my initial comment that “in order to shift the tangible -- the intangible must become tangible” – and what that means from this perspective is that consciousness must become totally embodied (not just floating around in our heads or in the atmosphere) in order for us to manifest, real, sustained and sustainable change down on the ground.   Actions taken on a mental/intellectual level only will not work for sustained change.

The whole problem that created our current situation was a human need to mechanize and intellectualize matter.  Along the way, our true connection to matter became “mind over matter.”  The reframe that I see at this juncture, which is the most profound – is “mind within matter.”  What if everything we can touch, see and feel is sentient?  How would we change our approach to life if this were so?

Because here’s the dig – in many ways, our survival and health is dependent on conscious embodiment, e.g. intentionally uniting the consciousness of the mind/spirit with the physical body and physical world.  In the world of crazy technology and urbanization, chemical drugs, pesticides, processed food, etc – without embodiment, we will never feel quite “right,” because almost everything is working against us and we have no idea how to work with available natural resources.  But on the other side – the more that we do become embodied, the more that our personal consciousness starts to resonate with earthly consciousness.  The more that destructive practices to ourselves, as well as to the earth, become disturbing to us.

While this is painful, it is also necessary.  Humans must intentionally embody & reconnect with the energy of the earth in order to bring healing to the earth and the wounded relationship within us and between us.

This is also an important process to face and transmute human trauma equally to earth trauma.  In order for us to fully ground, we must be able to pass through the centers of our body that store the deepest, darkest pain.  That is, in order to connect with earth energy in a fully grounded way, we need to deal with what’s happening within us first.  Earth energy can be of assistance, however – as natural places, objects and medicines can help us clear distortions that manmade places & products cannot replicate.  Earth energy naturally digests, transmutes, and heals all that is thrown into it.  By working in connection with the earth, together with its energy in a symbiotic rather than parasitic manner, both humanity and the planet can experience transformation.


Environmental Progress & Technology

Following that note, throughout this time period I also expect to see major changes to how we look at and deal with environmental issues.  The aforementioned dynamic of deepening embodiment within people is one piece of how I see this coming about -- but bigger and more direct will be weather patterns, contaminated resources, and other such situations and their effect on populations, that will create a sea change in the environmental conversation.

Uranus is an unpredictable and stormy planet – and under this influence erratic weather patterns are likely to intensify, along with other ecological disasters – jolting us out of complacency and into action.  At the same time, Uranus is a planet that also relates to technology.  Very likely, new innovations will be developed to lessen ecological impact, assist in earth clean up, and also help us deal with the effects of intensified weather.

Farming and environmental agencies will face major adjustments to their practices – but the impact will likely spread to all areas of our lives where earth resources are involved (papers, fuel, use of chemicals in products, mass production of foods/animal products).  More and more people are going to want products that are natural, sustainable, and not chemically loaded.  Alternative methods to deal with preservatives, composting of trash, etc, may come into the picture as well.


Revolution of the Economic Structure

At present, the economic structure throughout the world is highly government-based with citizens having very little control over how their tax dollars get utilized.  Our class-based social structure leads to oppression and suffocation of the many with freedom and mobility afforded by the very few.  In addition to this, people who are concerned about matters of economic justice and the intelligent use of resources to create sustainable infrastructure, are severely limited by powerful entities that hold more wealth and power.

Just as conflicts over wealth and the distribution of resources were the root of mounting tensions between nations in the pre-WWII days, the world today is faced with mounting tensions between corporate entities/governments and people (Saturn in Capricorn/Pluto in Capricorn & Jupiter in Scorpio, of course, also contribute to this state of affairs).  If these larger forces of power are unable to change, the influence of Uranus in Taurus at this particular time has the effect of enabling and inspiring people to work around oppressive economic structures, effectively breaking it apart from the bottom.  Many astrologers have discussed this possibility coming about through the rise of cryptocurrency (digital "one world" currencies) but it could occur in any number of ways where the people-based freedom granted through technology (Uranus) overrides and erodes the current economic foundation (Taurus).  However new economic solutions manifest, people will opt to find ways where they can be more self reliant and less dependent upon failing & stagnant economic systems.

In the broad picture, the world might also see a shift in the current “Super Powers” as it pertains to the wealth of nations.  This could very well be tied to the different ways that technology allows citizens to connect and exchange resources/information.


Cultural Mind to Reality Manifestation

Due in large part to social media & social sharing apps, we have already witnessed immense change in how the cultural “hive mind” operates and directs change in society.  Social media has become an integral part of how we receive news & information as well as how people are able to instantly share on-the-ground footage of real time events.

Throughout this period, technology will continue to have a massive effect on the evolution of society.  The cultural mind to reality manifestations will take root much more quickly and directly – and methods to use technology for a wide variety of practical day-to-day life applications, will continue to be streamlined and integrated.

The power of individuals to create life as they see fit is only going to keep growing and solidifying with the freedoms offered through technological means.  The result being that new social, economic and other systems will be born.  Individuals have more power than ever to assert their voice and vision and create “something” out of “nothing.”

Even as pushes for greater regulation and censorship of digital resources, as well as attempts to sway the masses with falsified information may come down from the powers that be -- ultimately, I feel the energy is supportive of private individuals and companies overcoming attempts to seize the collective will.  The information and truths that are able to be shared online will continue to shock and awaken people's most basic core understandings, such that there will come a point of no return in the priorities/understanding of every day people.  Guided by the choices and realizations we make as a collective at this time -- technology, and its place in our lives, will likely begin to solidify into a new order that becomes the foundation of future developments, and shapes the way we move through the world for decades to come.

If individuals stay focused and empowered, there is incredible potential for great progress in a totally new direction.  One we have not seen before in our history.


Shifts in Masculine / Feminine Roles … The Value in Emotional Intelligence

Among many issues that have come up since Uranus began a new cycle through the zodiac in 2010, human rights issues have been a major one.  Uranus governs the ideals of an equal society where everyone’s unique genius is a respected, appreciated and essential contribution to the whole.  As Uranus traveled through Aries, the sign of the individual, marginalized social groups from all over the world began to speak out against oppressive social structures of all kinds.  Individual voices were not only able to be heard in new ways (through social media and technology) – but were becoming valued over the homogenized ideals presented as truth up until this point.  Every individual has a voice, everyone has something to offer.

As Uranus begins its transit through the sensual, feminine sign of Taurus, the female voice in particular, is receiving a boost of independence.  Women’s issues and feminine roles will be seeing continued shifts – and women may be at the forefront of many innovations & evolutions at this time.

In addition to this, since Taurus is about ingrained attitudes & values, there will likely also be a softening (or breaking apart) of outdated outlooks in all areas of the social spectrum encompassing many groups – as more feminine traits of intuition, empathy, and caring come to be more valued in general.  The overall attitude that these traits are weakly emotional, foolish and unproductive can start to fall apart as the social agreements shift more towards embracing and truly understanding the other rather than marginalizing them.

The equalization of groups is something that will continue to evolve and become even more powerful as the transit progresses.  Major shifts will most certainly unfold by the time Pluto crosses into Aquarius and Uranus progresses into Gemini (2023-26).  Gemini & Aquarius are signs that highly support social equality, however I anticipate considerable progress being made at the root level between now and then.


Steady Growth In All Things

The transit of Uranus through Taurus brings with it tremendous potential and a sense that new horizons and unprecedented breakthroughs are ahead, along with the immense tumult and turmoil involved with large scale change.  Much of what we are working with now may feel totally “new” to us, and there’s a lot to learn on the fly.  What’s helpful to remember is that this is an opportunity to start to materialize all that was conceived and envisioned in the past 8 years as Uranus traveled through Aries – and that the materialization of anything takes time.  Even with fast-moving Uranus at the wheel, Taurus is still essentially about steady, determined growth – one step at a time.

A final major message of this transit is that the Old must embrace the New and the New must embrace the Old.  The truth of life is inherently a paradox and we are in this moment in history where modernization is not going anywhere but references to the past are more essential than ever.  To really root into who we are, as we are supposed to be, and keep up with the many developments before us – we have to have the wisdom to learn from the past: whether that means acknowledging the failures of history, drawing upon the wisdom of ancient medicine techniques and philosophies, or connecting deeply with nature (the source of life).  Likewise, our grand visions must be applicable and meaningful in our modern context, not just idealistic notions of some bygone age recreated but ill-fitting in the now.

Wise upgrades to our way of life are a part of evolution.  We’re supposed to change, evolve, branch out and then re-merge.  In this period of time, many of our branches and separations have the opportunity to remerge into something whole and more complete, if we are willing to be open.

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2018 Year of the Earth Dog // Lunar New Year & Solar Eclipse


On February 15, 2018 under the New Moon in Aquarius at 4:06PM EST, we welcome in the Lunar New Year – The Chinese Year of the Earth Dog!  This lunation also happens to be a solar eclipse – which supercharges the energy of the 2018 Lunar Year, making it a powerful year for change and soul evolution.  This year will be a significant turning point -- with many choices made during this year having a lasting impact on our lives, as well as setting us up for the major astrological alignments that are to come within the next several years.  This year, it is all about seeing the long view and integrating all of the lessons and realizations of recent years to create our lives from a place of wisdom and clarity.

Please enjoy this perspective on the spiritual lessons and projects ahead of us during this time period.  I hope that you find it helpful and illuminating with regards to your personal direction and process at this time :)

First, a bit of background on the Lunar Year Cycle and why I use it:

As a practitioner and teacher of the Chinese Taoist Arts, I work with Taoist cosmology and energy theory on a daily basis.  Although my primary astrology work is based in the Tropical perspective, I am greatly influenced by the Taoist system in many ways.  In observing both people and current events, I have found the lunar years to be extremely useful in understanding the overall themes and character of a year.  The correlations between East & West are often uncanny – and so I have found drawing from both offers a well-rounded view of what’s ahead.

The Lunar New Year begins on the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice.  This is a time period where we are beginning to transition from winter to spring, and as such naturally feel a sense of settling more fully into the energies of the year.  In the Chinese Zodiac, those energies are defined by the 12 animal signs and 5 elements, which are paired and cycle through over a period of 60 years.  Each year within this 60 year cycle has its own distinct flavors based on the animal/element combination and of course the planetary and star-based factors that we know so well from the Tropical astrological view.

When I look at a Lunar New Year chart, I observe both the patterns of the animal/element from the Chinese / Taoist Cosmology point of view, as well as the Western Astrological planetary factors that are shown at the time of the New Moon.  This helps me see a lot about the function of a year as a spiritual process, as well as what it might be like from the mundane view.   The natural interweaving of these is what I will describe in this post – with an emphasis on the former (the year as spiritual process), rather than the latter.

2018 Year of the Earth Dog Analysis:

As mentioned earlier, 2018’s Lunar New Year energy is especially powerful as it is also a solar eclipse.  The eclipse that initiates the Earth Dog Year directly corresponds with that mega-powerful Solar Eclipse that crossed the USA back in August.  In fact both eclipses in this cycle (January 31’s Total Lunar Eclipse & Feb 15’s Partial Solar Eclipse) activate many of the same degrees as the August eclipses -- So everything that came up last summer has been back up this month with a vengeance, and we may feel that the time has come to make the decisions and commitments that will define our lives going forward.  It is the implementation of and dedication to these decisions, commitments, and projects that will characterize 2018.

However, this does not have the same “hit the ground running” feel that the previous years have had.  Earth energy, is by nature, measured and methodical – which is quite the opposite of our recent experience.  The last two years were fire years – the Yang Fire Monkey & Yin Fire Rooster/Phoenix.  Two extremely strong characters paired with an extremely potent element – about as unpredictable as you can get!  Fire energy is the most unstable and most difficult to control element in the Chinese Zodiac and this energy was very strongly reflected and even amplified in Western charts -- especially in 2017 with a massive grand fire trine dominating the sky for a good part of the year.  Under these energies change flew into our lives rapidly and wildly, and for the most part all we could do was respond.

Moving into the earth year, the momentum is slowing waayyy down.  Since the winter solstice, which was strongly defined by Saturn’s transition into Capricorn, we have been actively feeling this deceleration.  This is not to say we are less busy or experiencing less change – we may in fact feel we are facing more than we ever have before in terms of workload, karmic backlog, and transformation – but the tone of the process has become quite a bit more heavy – more meticulous, more deliberate, more “at the bottom of Mount Everest looking up.” This tone shift may have felt somewhat abrupt after how hectic it has been, but it offers something very important – which is the time and space to “digest” all that has come to pass in recent years.

In Chinese astrology, the Earth element is the element that combines and harmonizes all of the other elements.  It is the pure “yin” – the absorbing element – and is literally correlated with the stomach and digestion in Chinese medicine.  If earth is weak or imbalanced in the body – then the entire system is affected.  When Earth is restored, the center is restored, and balance can begin to return to other areas as well.  As such, Earth times are not a time of fast, intense, hard change, but a time of integration, introspection, moderation and establishing stability & strength by way of the insights gleaned from previous years.

In this case, the process of integration is quite involved.  From a cyclical perspective, earth element years fall about a decade apart -- and in the past decade, the world has seen incredible change!!!  Back in 2008 (Year of the Earth Rat), the world economy was greatly disrupted when Pluto made its first ingress into the sign of Capricorn (the sign of the government/social order/financial institutions), followed quickly by many other significant planetary shifts and alignments that have shaken up our world, inside and out. In the process of the past decade, many things that had been long established shifted dramatically.  And our ideas about what is important to us, what we really need, and where we’re going have also shifted as a result.

So the integration, rebuilding, and stabilizing process that we are currently facing is one that involves the transformation of ourselves and society.  Quite literally.  And what that really means, at this time in history, is a total reform of many pre-established social constructs that we carry deeply within ourselves, as well as those institutions and systems that pervade culturally throughout society.

Incidentally, the Earth element in the Chinese system is also correlated with Saturn – the planet that speaks specifically to creating order and new structures - and Saturn’s influence during this period of time is extremely powerful on all counts.

  • Both 2018 & 2019 are Earth element years, and therefore Saturn ruled.
  • Remember how I mentioned it was Pluto’s transit into Capricorn that initiated the huge economic collapse of 2008?  Well, now Saturn is transiting that same sign over the course of the next 3 years, stirring up all of the broken pieces left behind in Pluto’s wake.
  • While in Capricorn, Saturn is going to make an extremely potent, epochal conjunction with both Pluto and Jupiter in 2020, an alignment that will undoubtedly trigger a significant sea change with regards to Capricorn institutions (governments, banks, the structures that hold society together).
  • In fact, from now until 2023, Saturn will be in its own favorite signs of Capricorn & Aquarius – strengthening its general vibration for this time period and putting a special emphasis on social/societal overhaul.
  • And on top of all this, Saturn is the ruler, and therefore influencer, of the transiting South Node (representing karmic past and shadow self) until May of 2020, making us truly aware of how deeply embedded the issues really are, and how much will power, attention and care is needed to overcome these.

All of this basically spells:  MAJOR OVERHAUL!  It really does not get more Saturn than this!

With an energy like this operating as the primary baseline for the next several years, it is essential that we take the time to fully digest our lessons and regularly evaluate our lives for authenticity, clarity, and alignment with our karmic purpose – or we will find ourselves running headlong into obstacle after obstacle.  The next two years are years of learning to respond to change – not impulsively or purely on instinct as we’ve had to in a lot of recent times – but having thought it through, weighed it out, and consciously decided.

Saturn in Capricorn is especially focused on taking our life and whittling it all down to the most essential aspects, and creating the order of our lives in the image of our ideal.  This is the planet and sign of mastery over the material realm – the ability to navigate our lives in the highest perfection possible.  To do this takes discipline, focus, and discernment – the ambition to look realistically at what our lives ARE, and make cold evaluations on where we’ve succeeded and failed, as well as how to make actual, tangible improvement.

Saturn can be a challenging influence for many people, as it constantly pushes our growth and doesn’t leave room for excuses. In general, because 2018 is influenced by an eclipse, the lessons and triumphs of this year will be greatly amplified.  Because this eclipse is also ruled by Saturn, this is doubly so.  All of our personal Saturn missions are UP – BIG TIME!   Our karmic lessons, inhibitions, spiritual obstructions – especially those focused around our earthly mission and embodiment, are all going to be a source of great focus for this year.  We are likely to feel a lot more pressure to make the right choices, as well as a lot more kick back for even the most subtle missteps.  However, when we are able to adhere to Saturn’s promptings for growth and maturation through its tests and trials, we will emerge feeling empowered and more in control of ourselves and the direction of our lives.

If I were to draw out one major theme for the 2018 Year of the Earth Dog that pulls all of this together – it would be Mastery of Mind.  Dog is an animal that is extremely loyal, protective and fierce – but there is a huge difference between a wild or feral dog and one that is well trained and obedient.  From an alchemical perspective, the Earth Element in Taoist cosmology is linked with the intent.  Intent, in its highest sense, is the directive we receive from spirit.  The mind can be like an untrained dog, running rampantly with distracted thoughts, emotions and misdirected aggression – but is most useful and effective when it knows what its purpose is, and how it can serve its master, the true self.  Dogs respond well to boundaries and to direction that comes from “a higher place.”  Where is your truth, your intention, and your direction in life really coming from?  That is the question we must really get clear on this year – and ideally strive to more deeply develop our connection with the “true” intention that is held within our souls.  Discerning this takes focus, discipline, training and effort, but it is a skill accessible to each of us just as it is for our canine friends.

Clarity of mind and sincerity is what will allow us to access the evolutionary & manifestation energy that is represented by the many archetypes at play in 2018.  The soul aspiration, represented by the North Node in Leo at this time, is about a life created from the pure genius of the heart.  In order to move in that direction, a direction that is desired by many people, we have been undergoing a profound purging of socially embedded core patterns and beliefs – all constructs of mind that present obstacles to the realization of this dream.  Many of the active planetary influences at this time are really feeding this process – inspiring us to dig deep into the darkest areas of our life, society and self, and seek the necessary counsel to become aware of and overcome these burdens to our being.  Not just to “get rid of” the bad feelings, but to resolve real problems at their root, so that the dis-ease can be removed rather than suppressed.

What this time period is really about on the spiritual and evolutionary level is revolutionizing the order from the inside out.  Eclipse periods are always gateways of alignment and deeper visioning, where we have a cosmic opportunity to examine our lives from the soul level.  Eclipses often give us big clues about whether or not we’re on track and are known for doling out “course corrections” that can show up in the form of sudden endings, failures, or new and unexpected opportunities.  A year that is influenced by such an energy is a cosmic opportunity expanded over a larger period of time, with a deeper and more collective push toward change.  The visibility and tangibility of the change, which has already taken root in many individuals, is only going to increase -- with greater and greater ripples out into the culture at large.

This is the true meaning of manifestation – that is, making tangible the vision of the spirit.  This sort of manifestation is not something propelled by the emotion driven will, but an alignment of the self with divine will.  As each year passes, the world becomes more and more Aquarian – with information traveling quickly, both literally and etherically.  When individuals make strides in regaining autonomy from the societal dysfunctions, society can also start to evolve.  Because we have changed, all of those things that we are tied to have the possibility of change.

2018 is an excellent year to get proactive and serious about changing your life for the better, and should be very fruitful for the motivated.  However it is also a year where we ALL will be faced with our shadows and obstructions with greater intensity – and so we must learn to be at one with the process wherever it takes us.

Discipline, focus and order are a huge focus this year – but good will, fellowship, and enjoyment of life are also important to keep the heart remembering.  This is a period of balancing and harmonization, as well as commitment and dedication to what’s truly important to us.  Remember to take your time this year, even when the pressure is strong.  Great change is achieved gradually, deliberately and with wisdom.  On the path to mastery, there is no need to hurry.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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Saturn in Capricorn: A New Order


On December 19, 2017, Saturn the planet of structure, order & authority, moved from the sign of Sagittarius, to Capricorn, where it will remain until 2020.  Capricorn & the neighboring sign of Aquarius are both signs of Saturn’s rulership, so this is a significant shift for all of us and strongly influences the Astrological picture for the next 6 years.  To put it simply – Saturnine themes of reform, self control, discipline, and realism will be especially strong in our lives and in the world.  In the course of this transit we will be forced to confront seemingly insurmountable obstacles – and if we rally correctly, we may even find that we can make significant progress towards reform.  But it will require work, focus, deftness and wisdom – a conscious cultivation effort on both the personal and collective levels.

Because this transit is such a big one, I felt inspired to consult the I-Ching for specific insight that I could provide my readers as to what this transit represents for the collective process and what we are to learn through it.  The response from the I-Ching was quite fascinating, so I would like to start my analysis with this reading, followed by my usual break down of the Astrological elements surrounding the ingress.

I-Ching Reading for Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020


HEXAGRAM 53 transforming into HEXAGRAM 57


Wind over Mountain    -----------------    Wind over Wind


Changing line is Line 2:

“When you find food and supplies – they are not only for you.”  //  “Enlightened instruction should be given to eliminate foolishness and confusion”


These hexagrams were fascinating to me as they both spoke of the wisdom in gradual processes, slow development, cooperating with others, and carried specific insight into creating lasting change with integrity.  My interpretation of this reading as a whole was about cultivating the higher virtues of Capricorn and Saturn energy, and utilizing these virtues to establish a new, more appropriate social order.

Hexagram 53 “GRADUALNESS” speaks about the full integration of the elements through gradual, natural development.  Taking life step by step without attempting to force progress or trying to ‘read ahead,’ true long-term harmony can be established.  This hexagram reminds us that we must accept that the creation and cultivation of anything real in life takes time.

Gradual progress leads us to higher levels of being.  Although it may feel slow, the result is authentic and ensures a true understanding.  The example in this hexagram is an apprentice working under an elder to gain expertise – to work diligently in this manner, listen, and really learn things thoroughly without skipping steps or attempting to rush ahead is better than trying to prop up one’s own reputation with no foundation beneath you.  In this sense, this hexagram is about understanding that true success is earned, and cannot be easily taken.

We must do the work of the soul, honor what is truly wise, and develop deep roots of trust within ourselves.  To always protect and value true wisdom is the way to lead life with great vision and great achievement.

Line 2 -- “When you find food and supplies – they are not only for you” -- Is about sharing knowledge & good fortune with others.  When we share with a good heart, everyone benefits.

Hexagram 57 “GENTLENESS/SUBMISSIVENESS” is about evolution through a gentle and non-forceful approach.   In order for humanity to transcend its darkness and its brutality, we must learn to employ yin methods – soft methods – to address conflict.  This includes being patient, cultivating a righteous heart, and having the wisdom to seek external support and assistance when needed (or be an excellent supporter/assistant to someone else whose vision you believe in).

The basic message of Hexagram 57 is that through collaborative efforts we can achieve great purposes – but in order to achieve harmonious collaboration we have to develop a degree of emotional and spiritual intelligence:  the ability to yield, listen and cooperate.  This also refers to the subtle listening such as being able to receive messages, guidance & support from the other realms.  Both types of listening & collaborative support require sensitivity and openness.

This hexagram also speaks about learning from the wisdom of the past.  It is important to look to history to learn our lessons and aspire for growth, rather than assuming the old adage that “history repeats itself” as fact.  The responsibility ultimately lies upon us both as individuals and as a collective to correct ourselves and disperse patterns of darkness.  When we cultivate gentleness, we can look beyond the demands of the personal ego and consider more clearly what is best for all.  This is what is needed most in the world right now.

Line 2 -- “Enlightened instruction should be given to eliminate foolishness and confusion” – is about being receptive to information provided by others in order to assess a situation clearly and make proper judgments.  This line also instructs us to be clear, firm and gentle in guiding others as well – when leading, lead in a way that fosters cooperation, not control.  When supporting, support with a positive spirit.

Saturn in Capricorn In-Depth Astrological Analysis

In light of these times and the general energy of late, I found the messages of the I-Ching to be compelling, somewhat unexpected, and definitely instructive.  This reading so clearly reflected many themes of Capricorn: respecting the wisdom of the past, looking to history, taking responsibility, acting/responding to life’s challenges with maturity, slow evolution over instant gratification, etc.  I really saw these messages as a gift to help us understand how to hold our integrity, be a positive influence and grow well regardless of the difficulties we might face in our lives and in the world.

Of course, there is no doubt that the coming years will be riddled with Capricorn’s shadow aspects:  Arrogance, greed, materialism, need now attitudes, self-serving institutional structures, law for the sake of law, rigidity for the sake of being right, authoritarianism, maybe even attempts at totalitarianism – all the ugliness of the current social paradigm at its absolute worst is up with intense clarity.  Society as a whole is in a time of sobering realization, and there is profound need for real and lasting change.  The process will be long and unglamorous, humbling but ultimately evolving.

Under Saturn in Capricorn’s vibe – slow effort is required to have mastery.  And mastery itself is only partly related to the tangible work – the real work of mastery is about learning lessons.  To master one’s lessons is the only way to move towards deep, authentic fulfillment.  So, in short, our project collectively and individually, is to recognize, confront, and complete our lessons.  We are at the point of being unable to neglect this work any longer.  Bandage solutions cannot hold up under these energies.  This is a project that requires deep excavation and complete reformation.  The house that has been repainted, and built upon for decades without addressing the foundation issues must finally be torn down and rebuilt in a way that serves the needs of all who reside there.

So it could be postulated that the transit of Saturn through Capricorn will bring a lot of progress through the undoing of things.  The world has changed since Saturn’s last passage through this space 30 years ago -- the order as it is must adapt to these changes, must make room for reformation – or crumble completely under the weight of the patches and cheap fixes.  Ultimately the “patches” have become weighty clutter that impedes the usefulness and efficiency of our social systems, and even our personal lives.  Now is the time for letting go of what holds us back and getting super focused on what it is that we truly want to create.  Brick by brick, step by step – undoing and redoing.  Unbuilding and rebuilding.  Cleaning up, perfecting, restructuring with vision & precision.

There are several different themes to this transit that I have come to, and I would like to go into those to help unravel how this all takes place and to interpret – to whatever degree is really possible – what we might expect from the next few years.


First, I’d like to just talk about the Astrological Context of this Ingress – New Cycles of Reform:

The Saturn in Capricorn Ingress occurred during a particularly “busy” week astrologically speaking!

We had:

  • The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18
  • Saturn moving into Capricorn on December 19
  • The Winter Solstice on December 21
  • Mercury Rx Stationing Direct on December 22

That is a pretty big line up of entry points all at once.  First, the New Moon occurred in late Sagittarius on the point of the “Galactic Center” which is one of the most psychic areas of the zodiac.  Saturn & friends had been hovering around this degree for the majority of December, bringing up very deep healing & purging processes for many people.  With this new moon there is a feeling of “wrap up” around the chaotic and wild transit of Saturn through Sagittarius.  What happened?  What does it mean?  What is it all for?  This lunation is the last one to align with Saturn in Sagittarius for another 30 years, so this next month will be one of concluding those lessons and clearing the decks for what is to come.  It is a moon very much about insight, letting go, and determining what is moving forward with us into the next phase.

After that incredibly profound, mystical new moon energy, Saturn made its transition, followed immediately by the Winter Solstice and Mercury’s station.  This has really brought in a totally different feeling all together.  The weightiness of Capricorn earth, paired with Mercury “stopping” has a feeling of everything suddenly grinding to a halt.

The winter solstice is the initiating cycle for the season and is considered by many the astrological new year.  This means that the energy of the solstice defines what to expect in the coming season/year.  The winter solstice coming with the sun precisely conjunct the newly arrived Saturn really adds extra oomph to the power of this transit for 2018 – and the themes of deep assessment and slow, hard, continuous effort will be felt very strongly throughout the whole year.

In addition to this, with Mercury stationing to go direct only AFTER all of these initiating transits means that Mercury was retrograde during the New Moon, Solstice & Saturn Ingress – extending its influence not just through this lunar cycle, but through the 2018 solar year AND the next 3 years of Saturn’s transit through Capricorn.  Now before you totally freak out about this – remember that Mercury retrograde helps us break things down in order to remake them better.  Mercury is in Sagittarius, so the feeling is that we are applying what we learned from the last 3 years of Saturn in Sag.  What truth did we realize about our lives and path going forward?  And how do we effect that truth in the real world – how do we actually live it out?  Where our beliefs hit the brick wall is where we will need to adjust and become more realistic.  Or more creative, in some cases.

To add yet another wrinkle to this picture – the Lunar Year coming up in 2018 will be an Earth year (the Earth Dog), doubling up this earthy energy coming out of two Fire years and a Fire Saturn.  Uranus will also be moving into Taurus in 2018, adding another sense of shift from very fast, chaotic, difficult to control energy – to more steady, slow, maybe even agonizing processes of structural readjustment.  Life will feel a bit more manageable and tangible, but it will also come with more heavy lifting, attention, and effort.  The earth energy and grounded feel of Saturn in his domicile after the fire years will really help us regroup, FOCUS, and develop discipline after several years of lightning fast, unpredictable, and wild change.

All of this sets the stage for the current and sustained flow of Saturn in Capricorn’s energy and vice versa – so although I am writing here primarily about the Saturn Cap energy, I felt the above factors were worth mentioning.  The overall feeling I have about this line up is that it has heavy implications of something “new” emerging from the old -- the old falling away like a heavy shell – and our new ambitions being put to the test as they develop.


Saturn in Capricorn Ingress Chart Factors Dealing with COLLECTIVE KARMA:

There are several fascinating alignments in this chart regarding our current collective evolutionary process.  First, at the time of the ingress, the Sun was precisely trine the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse degree – which automatically ties the Saturn in Capricorn transit to the processes initiated by the eclipse.  The solar eclipse in August was a major threshold and turning point – so what I see in this is that this transit is about developing and building upon what was initially seeded through the eclipse in August.  This is when the intangible elements start to become more defined and manifest… and throughout the next 3 years we will be working on mastering the lessons, new beginnings, and transitions that came up.

In addition to this the axis of fate, where the collective soul is currently working towards evolving & growing, is closely squared to Jupiter in Scorpio.  This combination is very intense – but yet it lends itself well to the “deep excavation” work that Capricorn process is all about this time around.  The Leo/Aquarius process as highlighted by the axis of fate is about how we balance heart-centered creativity and finding what truly makes us happy with the needs of society at large.  Conversely it is also about retuning group idealism and tribal thinking to greater awareness of individual diversity.  Add Jupiter in Scorpio into the mix – an energy inherently about digging into the dark spaces of the psyche – and you have a recipe for a lot of super deep social and personal karmic processing around mucky, dysfunctional psychological programming that leads us into all of the social traps – mob mentality, hunger for power, social distortions around identity issues, etc.

With the aforementioned Mercury retrograde square to Neptune and Venus nearby square to Chiron, people will be feeling especially receptive and sensitive to all of these issues.  This brings a sense of reckoning & deep inquiry, whereby we must begin to seek solutions beyond just the rational / materialistic approach.  This is a reform of the mind and patterns of belief that triggers confusion, soul searching, intense emotional reactions, vulnerability, and also healing.  I see this being particular potent around women’s issues with both Venus & the moon strongly aspected.

The Moon is of course closely conjunct Pluto in a separating aspect and approaching a square to Uranus – which means this is definitely going to be a time of major breakthroughs and collective/personal evolution that is very, very deeply felt.

The changes, adjustments and transformations that are experienced throughout this time are not just occurring in the external world – they are also occurring – and MUST be processed -- on a deep spiritual level.  The identity is being reshaped.  There is no way around it.  What’s worth remembering is that we are all contributing to this through our individual growth.  The individual is processing collective issues for the good of the collective – so as we all sort through these things within ourselves and share what we have discovered, this helps keep the collective moving forward.  That’s why INDIVIDUAL EMPOWERMENT and finding the INDIVIDUAL PATH is also such an important emphasis of this time.  You don’t have to be everything to everyone – just be YOURSELF and that is enough.  Individuals being individuals in their most positive possible manifestation is the best thing for the evolution of all.


Saturn in Capricorn Major Alignments:

The final thing I want to cover very briefly is the major alignments of Saturn as it travels through Capricorn.  I will no doubt talk about these in much more detail in times to come, but for now I’d like to just touch on them.

First, Uranus moves into Taurus – this will bring the revolutionary energy of Uranus to confront issues of stability, security, financial institutions, value, physical foundations.

In 2024, the USA will be experiencing its Pluto return.  This is preceded by a Saturn-Pluto conjunction – this further emphasizes the sense that we will be facing some major epochal shifts in how the world’s systems operate.  Pluto has been in Capricorn for 10 years, exposing all of the flaws of these systems.  Saturn’s influence here serves only to intensify the break down of these systems.

In 2020, there will be a Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto alignment that is very significant.  Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions happen every 20 years and are regarded as watershed moments.  With Pluto also involved this is a super-powered alignment that will undoubtedly define the direction of things for a very long time to come.  2020, in short, is basically the year that we can expect all the things that have been building to “pop” in a big way.

After Saturn leaves Capricorn, it will then move into Aquarius, which is the other sign of its rulership.  This will be the time of revolutionizing, as Capricorn Saturn focuses most on looking to the past, reforming the old, etc… while Aquarius Saturn is focused on creating the future.  Saturn will be in Aquarius approximately through the end of the USA Pluto return -- so this round of Saturn through its home signs will be very significant for the future of the USA.

The significance of this time has tremendously far reaching implications that I expect will be memorable individually and historically.  We are at the bottom of the mountain and a treacherous ascent awaits.  What we are to find, ultimately, is greater wisdom.  The wisdom to find space for multiple perspectives and aspire towards legitimate solutions.  The wisdom to treat others with gentleness and kindness – even when being firm.  The wisdom to look towards the needs of the collective, not just one’s own self centered desires.  All of this is essential maturation to be the best we can be in life.

To be nimble, yet firm.  Open, yet wise.  Flexible, yet steady.  This is harmonization with natural processes, the virtues of achieving perfection.

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