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Happy Saturn's Day! Thank you for visiting my page! I will be using this page to post updates, news, astrological insights and information about cosmic weather, as well as share Tao readings. Please feel free to "like," comment, and "share" anything that resonates with you!  

Today's I-Ching Reading: HEX 39 "OBSTRUCTION"

Seems an odd, yet appropriate one to start with. As an astrologer, I always try to help people see the creative or higher use of difficult energies. This hexagram speaks directly to this.

*"All great achievements are attained through the positive use of obstructions."*

...In the process of growth, obstructions are met thousands of times over and usually generate great despair. One who wishes to move forward, but is unable to do so because of restrictions, can respond by changing direction and taking another path, one that goes inward and upward. Sometimes what appears difficult is actually a protection or an opportunity for growth.

During times of obstruction, one should be still. This opportunity should be used to gather energy, instead of complicating matters with impatience and struggle. When one has a positive attitude, the highest mountain seems lower and the deepest water more shallow. Inner strength can make obstructions less imposing.

Listing all the things you consider obstructions and frustrations can be beneficial. These are actually the tools that heaven has provided for your improvement, education, and strengthening. No great person has ever grown without such 'nutrition.'

- Ni Hua-Ching, The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth