A brief note for week of November 10, 2014


Lots of cycles reaching climax points this week -- now is a time to really consider your current course... Are you where you need to be? Do you need to readjust? What can you do without? What do you want to carry forward? What is the REAL DREAM? Break out, break free, get angry in a productive way, take relationships seriously -- take yourself seriously, and most importantly -- see the vision and do what needs to be done to get there.

In the most succinct summary, that is what we are dealing with this week... Really try to work with this energy! It can be turbulent as heck, but also amazingly productive, empowering, and freeing

Now is the time to take everything you've been learning and working with since October 2012 and start to put it into action! Do it, because right now you have the resilience, the resolve, and the determination to really get it done and set some new parameters in your life for the coming years. The decisions you make now can impact you for the next one, two -- to thirty years! So look at the long range desires, goals, and objectives. Not just emotionally or logistcally -- but from a soul perspective.

Outworn Beliefs


Much has been going on this eclipse season. The first eclipse saw harsh aspects between Saturn & Mars implying some serious standoffs and major adjustments that we needed to make in our lives. The second eclipse also occurred at the same time the moon occulted (eclipsed) mercury and mars, meaning we had a triple eclipse! Revelations, insights, and new beginnings came to us on three levels -- feeling, thinking, and doing. The final eclipse occurs around midnight on May 25 with aspects reiterating my earlier post about spiritual service and revelations regarding the path to the future. These eclipses have been really powerful and seem to be profoundly karmic. We are being asked to take responsibility for ourselves, rid ourselves of outworn belief systems and structures, and change -- FAST! I see this as a major transitional period and tipping point. Just stand back and watch what unfolds. Do your best to make positive and growth oriented decisions for they will have a lasting impact on your life. Pay attention to messages you receive and the changes afoot -- and enjoy the ride!!!

Saturn Mars Opposition Perfects


The afore mentioned Saturn-Sun & Mars opposition, active during the Lunar eclipse on Thursday, is coming into perfection this week. I have felt a building intensity all weekend and today this transit felt especially strong to me. There is an unnerving almost grinding vibe afoot -- Saturn is reminding us of our boundaries, pitfalls, and limitations and Mars is beneath it like a pot about to boil over. Maintain control -- this frustrating energy will pass, but an angry outburst might not be forgotten so easily. Especially during this very critical eclipse phase that we are in. Lots of changes, lessons, and major events on the scene this past month and the coming month -- Today, the message seems to be: BE PATIENT! This is a good time to meditate, or release potentially angry energy through some sort of vigorous discipline. Keep the bigger picture in mind -- Saturn helps us see what's REALLY important in our lives as it also represents lessons associated with the soul's karma. Maintain your vision, don't let petty stuff get under your skin, and heed Saturn's wise inner counsel. Keep calm and carry on, as they say.