mercury retrograde in capricorn

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Observations

It is officially "that time of year" again -- Mercury Retrograde time!

Since I did not cover this in my previous article, I thought it would be helpful to share my observations about this cycle thus far.  As of December 1st, Mercury entered it's "shadow zone" at 28 degrees of Sagittarius, and on the 19th of December it will begin its journey retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, goes direct again on January 8, and will clear it's shadow on January 27, 2017, completing the retrograde process.

So what does this all mean?  During the LAST Mercury retrograde in Capricorn (earlier this year) I actually wrote a fairly in-depth explanation that you can review here -- but the short version for today's purposes is that basically starting December 1st we began receiving the "story" that is going to undergo a review process in the coming weeks.  We are in a fiery, quick moving time as Saturn & Uranus come to meet in a trine formation -- manifestation is happening rapidly, often suddenly, and the energy is very difficult to control.

Mercury moving retrograde in the earth sign of Capricorn is causing us to have to confront physical-reality problems in the midst of all of this quick action.  The coming year is going to be more of this fast-fast energy, with a strong emphasis on getting out of the head and into the heart, so I have a sense that this getting-down-to-the-details Mercury Retrograde, if worked with properly, will be helpful preparation for the adventures and whirlwind of here-and-now concerns that 2017 is going to bring.

So, in light of that -- Here's a bit of what I've noticed arising...


1) Since Capricorn rules authority internal and external... I have observed many people dealing with experiences that clash against their typical ego-comfort modus operandi. In general, I feel it is causing us to have to face a need to revise or change how our inner authority thinks about itself. In particular the part that thinks it's immune to a need for constructive criticism and adjustment that goes against our perception of how we are/need to be. It's really touching people in tender and resistant spaces.

Think of the Capricorn archetype -- every Sun-Capricorn I know has a strong sense of "image" and an innate desire to be on top of their respective worlds. It is a sign that carries a lot of hidden judgment and insecurity in its shadow. If you go into battle with a Capricorn, you can be assured that they will not let you see them vulnerable.

Each and every one of us has this archetype within us, somewhere in our chart. This Mercury retrograde really feels like it's triggering the contrast between the "image" we carry of ourselves and the actual truth of what would actually make us stronger. Vulnerability and openness is basically essential to transformation, but this is a sign that HATES THAT and wants to change on its own terms, in its own way, and would rather keep doing things the hard way than accept an outsider's opinion.

Capricorn's strength is its wisdom. Wisdom comes through the experience of hard won battles, mistakes, and at times, the ability to listen and consider the value of an unpleasant truth. Whatever story has come up in the past week or so since Mercury crossed into its shadow, this Retrograde feels like a good time to listen and evaluate that resistant part of ourselves. Sometimes doing something different from the norm is wise.

True strength is in an open mind. It sounds good on paper, but does that Capricorn part of us really believe it? Skepticism is Capricorn's idea of strength... a valid skill -- but does it always serve your highest and best?

Just a few questions to consider.


2) Capricorn being an earth sign will bring up physical, hard reality, logistical challenges. In my own life, the phrase "Major Repairs" has been a basic theme of several life situations. The no fun, bank account draining, ultimate drudgery type of repairs. The kind that involve taking the whole machine apart and putting it back together again. Quite literally.

Capricorn is also a very financial sign. Sure we think of Taurus as finances -- but the Capricorn archetype is one that tends to desire success and recognition -- which includes financial achievement and class. The Capricorn "look" is like a modern NYC penthouse apartment with skyline views. Everything is angular, granite, etc.  Even if a Capricorn individual is not a person who strives in this way, they are at the very least extremely thrifty.

For Capricorn, money is a form a security and power -- not in some kind of messy, emotional battle way like you might find it in Scorpio -- but from a purely shrewd business-like outlook. Capricorn doesn't want to be a lowly minion, they want to be the BOSS. It values SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT over emotional matters.

So another effect I've noticed with Mercury Retrograde is a lot of money matters coming to the fore. WISDOM IN INVESTMENTS is very important under this Mercury Rx...

I think strengthening the financial foundation and checking for "leaks" and "need for repair" of the bank account is also coming up right now for many. For me, Capricorn presides over my 2nd house of finances, so I have been going over and observing a LOT of oversights in my financials that I had no idea about, and learning a ton of new things about money management. But I have seen very Capricorn-like financial situations appear around me as well.

Also important, I feel, is clearly understanding the motivations behind the striving for success and checking yourself for whether or not you are in the best possible position to be properly aligned with your greater vision -- and this includes looking at your various sources of financial support (particularly around work, because Capricorn is all about WORK and MANAGEMENT), and adjusting for changes, repairing leaks, etc... so that you can be standing in line with the stream of financial flow, success, and strength rather than just-missing it.

This also goes back to an inner-authority relationship that requires knowing who you really are and making a critical analysis of what is truly functional and dysfunctional in your business exchanges -- then addressing those things.

This is also a good time to consider some new, out-of-the-box ideas that make you stand out from the crowd, and be more recognized and demanded for what you offer as an individual, not just what you offer as your job description, business umbrella, etc.


3)  In general, I've noticed communications to have themes of a) Needing to be recognized  b)  Focus on details and fixing errors ... a requirement for absolute and quite literal clarity.  c) Struggles for control.

This is a time of delineated thinking, noticing mistakes or vagueness that you did not see in the previous months with all of the super-foggy, watery energy that has been afoot.

It's a time to be clear and to the point.  Be wary of ego battles, and aspire for truth but keep the peace -- or, if it is appropriate, and the situation is not useful, helpful or serving any kind of purpose, direct your inner authority to disengage completely.


So those are just a few of my thoughts and observations with reference to what has been reflected towards me.  How have you been feeling about this round of Capricorn Mercury Retrograde?  Let me know in the comments :)