new moon in libra

September 30: New Moon in Libra Quick Update

Hey y'all -- the new moon is tonight at 8:11PM EDT. The eclipses are finished, the shadow of Mercury Retrograde is almost finished, Jupiter is in Libra -- life is good again! Yay!

This is a very relationship-focused moon, for many reasons! Since this moon marks a sort of initiation point of Jupiter's ingress into Libra -- it may feel right to direct our intentions towards what it is we wish to cultivate, grow, or shift in the realm of partnerships. Romance is always implied with Libra, but this can also relate to business partnerships, friendships, client relationships, and even our relationship to certain aspects of our lives. Jupiter is a very beneficial energy in the sign of Libra -- as it brings a feeling of luxury and social pleasure -- but the shadow energy of Jupiter can sometimes expose where something is TOO much. Since it is the sign of the scales, we will get a chance to rebalance our social orientation throughout the next year.

Within this energy we are still dealing with the aftermath of the Saturn-Neptune square, as these points are still very close to the nodes of fate (with Saturn in an exact square aspect to the nodes at the time of the new moon). This means that there is still very important work being done with regards to breaking down the false or weak structures in our lives and the development of the new. This past month there was a BIG wave of releasing energy, and so in a sense we are still reeling from all that. There were a lot of changes that really were surprising, and had a big impact.

This fall season equinox on September 22nd happened to fall on the day that Mercury stationed to move direct in Virgo. When a planet is in a stationary mode in a chart, it always has more of an impact, and the fact that this transition happened on the Equinox implies that this season (September, October, November & December), we will still be carrying out the process that has begun under the eclipse cycle and Mercury Retrograde's influence. So there is a weaving of the old and the new structures -- an entering and exiting that seems to be happening simultaneously. We might feel that we're still "making room" in the way of letting go, but at the same time we have to continue moving forward to keep up with the changes that are here and demanding attention.

This new moon energy is a good time to really explore all the layers of what has shifted in the past several months -- and to see where you might be shifting your relationship to certain aspects of yourself, your life, and other people. Get to know the new you, as well. Always remembering that we are constantly changing -- even to ourselves. The way we felt yesterday doesn't need to be the way we feel today! Libra, the sign most often accused of indecisiveness, inherently understands that our self concept is more-often-than-not relational. It is Libra's ability to see all sides and engage with many perspectives that actually allows for harmonious adjustment. What sometimes comes off as wishy-washy is just Libra's way of maneuvering all of the factors until a firm conclusion can be agreed upon. Because the truth is in the sussing out of influences. What to store, what to keep, what to throw away, what to increase, what to decrease, etc.

With that in mind -- enjoy the delightful fall weather! And have a relaxing weekend!!!