the seas of pisces

A poem for Venus in Pisces


Ahoy! The seas of Pisces! Ere pirates be watching to see.

Dilemmas adrift

no lemons amiss

anxiety unwound in the reef.


Maidens, they be tearful

and minstrels they be fearful

as sirens they bring with tea

shipfuls of spiritual insight

and creative nonsensery.


Ideas wander wayward

the real swirling in the deep

...some serious nap time needed

and bizarre Mercury Retrograde dreams


Inventing a new form of writing

that makes all but logical sense

but that's the genius of Pisces...

i dreamt, i meant, descent...


Wade in lonely oceans

tides of strange emotions

Hours of TV on Netflix

(That fish don't give two sticks!)

In the house of self undoing

There's ladies to be wooing

And brave the deadly straits

of what we have not spake

Motes without boats

Folks without totes

What the heck are we brewing?


Storms and more

Wounds ashore

Once Venus and Mars do meet.