uranus-pluto square

Astrology of August 2016 - Becoming Real

Hello again my friends, and welcome to August’s monthly forecast!  In this article I will be discussing the astrology for August based off of the charts cast for this month’s new moon August 2nd at 4:45PM EDT and full moon eclipse on August 18th at 5:26AM EDT.  Yes, you heard right, the sun is coming back to meet the nodes of fate, which means this month begins another eclipse season!  It will be a long cycle of eclipses, too, as there are three eclipses occurring from August to September, rather than the usual pair.

For simplicity’s sake, I will be discussing only August’s astrology in this particular article and will go into greater depth about the subsequent eclipses in another article.  However, I do go into detail about the overarching influence of the nodes at this time, which does apply to the eclipse season as a whole.

Last month I wrote a great deal about the indications within the chart that we were officially making the transition from established status quo territory into the reality that we’ve been working to build – for ourselves personally as well as for our community.  The energies of July were so powerfully aligned with the long-standing Uranus-Pluto square that there was a very profound sense of “now is the time.”  The most distinct image I had received during the creation of that article was one specifically of racial and religious harmony and integration.

I am sure that it goes without saying that July was a powerful month in so many unexpected ways.  A rash of violent events struck the consciousness of Americans to our core and there has been a sense that we can no longer remain numb to that which has divided us and caused undue harm to innocents for so many years.  These events sparked a great deal of widespread introspection about why it is our American culture has supported such behaviors for so long, and how we must go about changing this unfortunate situation.  I was surprised, myself, at how apt the article I wrote about the month ended up being – the prevailing message was, of course, How do we undo the webs of conditioning and so-called tradition that keep us bound?  How do we really allow ourselves to push the boat from the shore and fully commit to the mysterious, unformed vision of reality that so many of us have been striving to develop?

My feeling at the beginning of last month was that this commitment comes from simply realizing that we are ALREADY past the point of no return.  If we were to turn back, there would be nothing to go back to.  All has changed.  We are in the active process of CHANGING.  So the truth is, we have no other choice but to see this journey through, as a people, together.  It is our individual participation and our willingness to step into a space of service that will determine the ultimate outcome of these changeful times.

I am feeling the need to recap this because we are entering into an eclipse cycle where the Sun will be crossing the North Node – illuminating the way to get where we are going.  Back in March we had an eclipse series in Pisces, passing over the South Node of our default mode, habits and addictions, which over the past six months has made the problems within the collective consciousness increasingly apparent.  Since last fall, the nodes have been traveling through the axis of service & compassion – with the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces – arousing the collective fears & anguish, as well as our desire for simplicity and an unperturbed daily life.

The function of the nodes is always a polarity to be worked out – a reckoning of the soul.  The North Node indicates the area where we refine and channel the situation of the South Node.  The South Node position usually operates like a stuck, over-exaggerated version of the sign of its placement’s shadow until it is able to be harnessed and utilized effectively through the channel of the North Node.  In the case of Virgo/Pisces, we are looking for practical, real world solutions to problems that are massively confusing, complex, and are so because they are emotionally based.  Pisces’ shadow side is one of delusions, illusions, religious/emotional fervor, addiction – particularly to any substance or idea that brings about an ‘altered state,’ a tendency to see things how one wants to see them without discernment, and guilt/martyrdom/victimhood patterns.  Under the vibes of the Pisces South Node we are dealing with a storm of emotionality with no real grounding.  This is one of the reasons, astrologically speaking, that we have been finding 2016 to be so chaotic.  To spite an ever-growing consciousness of spiritual awareness – there also seems to be an ever-growing reality of unrest, violence, and bigotry.  How could this be possible?

Recently, I received a blog post update from one of my mentors that stated, “Earth is holding more light frequency now than it ever has. Are you finding that hard to believe?”  And as I am writing about this, I am seeing that paradox at work in the charts.  Yes, there is more light – but what happens when light is shone in a dark place?  We suddenly become aware of all that is falling apart and rotting away.  While this discovery is usually horrifying (THAT’S what has been living in my basement all these years?) we also have the opportunity to cleanse, purify and restore (Virgo’s specialty) now that these things have come to our awareness.  And – as painful, as disturbing, as upsetting as it is – this is our process at the moment -- to CLEAN UP and PURIFY our consciousness and perception of life.  These shadows we now see in flying colors are not new.  They have been there for quite some time – and their appearance in this moment is not a sign of our descent into chaos, rather it is our impetus to keep deepening our work.  Virgo’s urging is for us to awaken to our service in life, and to utilize all of our tools to assist each other in the process of creating the new framework.  Virgos are expert renovators.  I have watched Virgos transform structures that are dilapidated and falling apart into beautiful dream spaces time and time again.  A project that seems utterly hopeless (Pisces shadow) to most people, is just something that is waiting for Virgo’s fastidious attention and care.

So as we enter into August & September, and eclipse season, it would behoove us all to remember that in the midst of trying circumstances – now is a time when we have the great opportunity to create real reform.  But I must stress that it starts with the INDIVIDUAL first – why?  Because it needs to be REAL (Virgo Earth).  So whatever it is you are dreaming on, whatever it is you see that’s wrong with the bigger picture, wherever it is you would like to go and give in life – how can you do your OWN work to heal?  How can you really EMBODY your ideals deeply and authentically?  This is how we can utilize Virgo North Node’s practical nature to channel the positive energy of Pisces – which is the deep and unconditional love for all things and our connection to the universal.  The ideals we carry need to PASS THROUGH the process of embodiment in order to be effective.  Otherwise they’re just ideals.  But if we have embodied the ideals?  If we’ve made them real for ourselves?  Well THEN we can effect change!  The difference is that it’s not just a thought anymore, now it is a vibration that we carry in our being, something that has passed through the alchemical fire, stood the test of time, and now can be transmitted to other people through our actions.

Of course, I know in some ways it sounds like the same old trope, “Oh yeah, be kind to others, golden rule, yeah yeah yeah…”  But understand that what I am professing and where the energy is gearing us towards is well beyond that.  How can we be EFFECTIVE and create RESULTS in our reality?  What is our ROLE?  How do we help?  Until we have very seriously grappled with these kinds of questions and been able to create shifts in our own consciousness and reality reflection, no effective change can come to pass on a large scale.  It will be fleeting and temporal, as it often is.  It will be emotional and momentary, as it often is.  Think bigger.  Think not just in actions/non actions, language and emotions (how should I feel, how should they feel, what should I do? Etc.) – think how do I channel the vibration of a certain kind of CONSCIOUSNESS?  And then notice how when you broaden the question the “What to do” starts to answer itself.

In my weekly Qigong class I was speaking to the students about the distinctions between different martial arts and our own specific practice, which is, at its heart, a Taoist alchemy practice.  What came to me as I was speaking on this was that the Qigong (energy work) is naturally understood as the alchemy – but it is not in itself the alchemy.  The true alchemy is in the self knowledge acquired through practice.  It is the integration that occurs when we move and look inward.  It is the understanding of how to access and then utilize the essence of the true mind, and live from there, shedding the layers of the thinking/egoic mind or shadow self.  The shedding of the layers is and is not conscious – actually, it is more just a natural result of the increased embodiment of self.  And by self, I mean of our natural, pure, unblemished spirit.  The energy work – the alchemy if you will – is to create the fire of purification within the self to transmute all of the internal resistance to this authentic experience.  In Tao this is referred to as “becoming real.”

It is a fact of our world that society is deeply out of sync with nature.  The structure of our society does not remember our connection with nature and each other and is instead caught in a web of public perception and ideology.  If we are not aware, we can also become engulfed by the waves of the prevailing consciousness, and in the midst of it all, completely forget ourselves and our true purpose in life.  For a long time, the vast majority of people simply went with the current.  In this moment, we are understanding that perhaps this mentality has gone too far, that we must strive to regain our sovereignty as individuals and use our power to direct the flow of consciousness by awakening the inner self.  Each and every day we must awaken the formless self, and carry our own current.  In the process, we help others – through direct service and even without words.  Nothing changes until we grasp this.  Nothing changes until we see with clear eyes, and can awaken in others the ability to do the same.  This is the alchemy that sheds the coat of conditioning.

So in looking to August & September’s astrology, understand that we are working with the archetypes of Leo & Aquarius in August, and then Virgo & Pisces in September, which will greatly intensify the energy and paradox that I have been speaking about. 

For this month, the energy directs us to become clear in who we are and what we want to achieve through this process.  Leo is the energy of the heart and inner illumination – the unflinching, unfiltered glow of the sun that never leaves no matter what clouds might obscure it for a time.  For August 2nd’s new moon – we are being compelled to activate the heart.  To find that illuminating nature deep within ourselves – and to utilize the light of Leo to see clearly the dark spaces.  What clouds obscure our true light?  What subconscious programs keep us from being a force of creative evolution?  How do we subvert our own power or perhaps misuse it?  What is the example that we set?  How can we SHINE in our example?

This is a fantastic new moon to set intentions around overcoming blocks related to creativity, effectiveness, and inspiration by example – as well as meditating upon and clarifying our understanding of what, precisely, we WANT.  Define it.  Intend it.  And set the process of creation in motion – because this is a month when we will be especially inspired to do so.

The full moon eclipse in Aquarius helps us identify our role in the community and our needs in relationship to community -- who WE are (Leo/1st House in USA Chart) and our awareness of the others in the big picture (Aquarius/7th House).  There will be a great deal of focus during this eclipse around understanding and implementing personal values and cultivating self worth with integrity.  I see an emphasis here around the idea of nourishment – how do we care for the collective in a personal, heart centered way?

The month of August will continue to bring up many of the challenges that are surfacing – especially around how we relate.  There is a pretty strong ping-ponging of energies that tends toward the easily offended/overly sensitive and on the other side unnecessarily picky and critical.  Try to stay with the big picture because this can be a very productive time, to spite the disagreements and constant emotional negotiation.  Unity comes through mutual agreement to overcome differences for a common purpose.  Start to define that purpose in clearer terms now – first with yourself, and then with those close to you – and then further out into the community.

Remember the common purpose – the essence.  It is your essence, and the essence of all humanity.  In the space of essence there is tolerance, cooperation, and peace.