2019/2020 ULTIMATE PREP BUNDLE // "Revolutionary Structures" Video Course + Natal Chart + 2019 Astrology Reports


2019/2020 ULTIMATE PREP BUNDLE // "Revolutionary Structures" Video Course + Natal Chart + 2019 Astrology Reports


“Revolutionary Structures for Longevity, Legacy and Global Change” is an in-depth video course covering the astrology of 2020, a major time of transition & breakthrough for our world and within ourselves. This is a course to inform and prepare us for the current and incoming planetary alignments and increasing intensity of the energies during these times.

This listing is the complete 2019/2020 Bundle! Included in this purchase are my 2019 Astrology Reports, access to the full 2020 course materials, as well your personalized natal chart and handout* illustrating how the 2020 astrology is affecting you.

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Once you purchase this listing you will receive an email with a link to download the course access file, handouts, and 2019 Astrology Reports in PDF format. This link will expire 24 hours after it is first clicked, so please download the file to your computer within this timeframe. If you have any issues with the download, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you.

*Note: The personalized chart is NOT a natal chart reading. If you are interested in a natal chart reading please see my readings page :)

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About This Course

From an astrological perspective, the year 2020 represents an epochal moment.  This change, which many of us already feel stirring our lives, is expressed through rare planetary alignments that represent major transformation at the deepest levels of our lives and being – from the very personal to the societal.

In this course, astrologer Mela Carreira explores what these planetary alignments represent for us and how we can work with them consciously through the immense shifts that we are all experiencing at this time in history.

This course includes:

  • 3 Hours of in-depth video content, including:

    • A full recording of Mela’s lecture “Revolutionary Structures for Longevity, Legacy, and Global Change: Preparation for the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction of 2020” which covers the basic astrological components at play in 2020, the historical implications of the energy, and my perspective on the 2020 process.

    • A BONUS Video covering the 3 Phases of Energy to expect in 2020

    • A BONUS Video covering how to work with the included handouts & your natal chart with reference to the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction

  • 2 amazing in-depth handouts to help you understand how the Astrology of 2020 is working in your own natal chart

  • Your PERSONALIZED natal chart & handouts showing exacting how this transit will be affecting you! (Please allow 1-3 Business days for delivery of this portion :))

  • My FULL 2019 Written Reports Containing 30 pages of in-depth analysis on the Astrology of 2019!