Private training is available for all students interested in the study of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, the Chen Tai Chi Silk Reeling Exercises, and basic Ba Gua Zhang on a one-to-one basis.  This is an excellent option for anyone who is unable to attend group classes at the Tao Institute, needs to work at an individualized pace, or simply needs supplemental training.  Private lessons are a really good opportunity to get a closer and deeper look at the practices, discuss any questions or concerns, as well as receive specific one-on-one instruction on any classroom material.  It is also a good setting for those who come to Tai Chi and Qigong work with the intent of self healing, but are not yet ready to join group training.  In lessons, I will work with you on any area of your interest and help fine tune your movement and energetics to help you improve.

All private lessons are held at the Tao Institute in Downtown Asheville.  Please contact me to discuss scheduling.  :)