Astrology, language of the stars, is a wise and practical tool for understanding your innate nature and life cycles...



Come sit with me and experience the unfolding of your celestial image to reveal profound insight, context & direction from the soul level.


  • Remarkably accurate session filled with wise and highly relevant insights! Mela held space for all of me and met me where I was.
    — Be
  • I was completely blown away by Mela’s reading skill – she has a way of presenting deeply personal and potentially delicate subjects that is so warm and open it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable discussing your life with her.
    — Aliza
  • The reading was a true gift. It provided me a perspective on which I reflect daily.
    — Sarah
  • Mela is deeply knowledgeable and invites clients into a relationship with their chart that promotes growth, healing, and understanding.
    — Brian

About my readings...


For me, looking at a chart is like opening a window to a person's inner world.  Subtle, complex, and multifaceted -- natal charts are the living, breathing, cosmic image of our human identity and experience.  In my readings I provide accurate, in depth analysis of the natal patterning present in an individual, as well as the energetic context for their lives past, present, and future.  I work to assist clients in seeing their lives from a higher perspective -- shedding light on the soul's goals, understanding challenges from an evolutionary perspective, and recognizing one's own personal rhythm as well as the greater cycles we all experience.  

My goal and aspiration is to help clients align more fully with their true self and gain insight into their true reality through direct relationship with their natal blueprint.  My belief is that we can experience peace with ourselves and life when we truly know ourselves and what our spirit is aspiring to create or learn. My primary goal is to assist people in making the transition from the "idea" of how one is supposed to live, to the truth of life according to a person's own individual nature and soul path. True freedom is seeing beyond and into the center of one's own being, and living from your authentic self.

Readings are available in person and over the phone.  All consultations are recorded and emailed to the client after the session.  Booking online is super easy.  Just check out all of the options below :) 

Live In Person / Distance Readings

Natal Chart Reading

Natal Chart & Transit Analysis


This is my standard reading for new clients.  The natal chart reading is a full analysis of your personal natal chart, as well as the current events in your life based off of astrological transits, progressions, and solar arcs.  These readings are a deep exploration of the personality and soul mission, as well as a thorough overview of current energetic themes, life cycles and transitions.  Together, we discuss your personal potential, challenges, prominent energies in your life, and current areas of focus.  I help you to understand the nature of the energies at work in your life, what to expect, and offer various healing tools to work with these dynamics productively and towards the evolution of your soul.  This reading typically lasts 90 minutes.


Returning Clients


Review your current transits, discuss new developments, and go deep.  This session is for clients who have already had a full reading with me and wish to follow-up -- whether as an annual check in (Solar Return), or to go more deeply into a certain aspect of the chart or area of life that requires extra focus.  See this as your all-around one-size-fits-all returning client reading!  Returning client sessions run about 60-90 minutes.

Relationship Reading

Couples Reading


This reading is a look at two individuals who have come together in relationship.  In this 1-2 hour reading I look at the charts of both individuals as well as their combined charts to reveal a complete picture of what brings partners together.  The people we meet and make close relationships with often reflect, emphasize, or challenge our natal issues.  The relationship analysis gives us a chance to see what each person is working with and what role the partnership serves in their lives.  I talk about how the couple connects, what their difficulties might be, and the potentials inherent in the relationship.  Questions, or any other specific information may help guide these readings, if you should have them.


Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Astrological insight to a friend!  Options available for all reading types.  Just purchase the gift certificate online and your friend can redeem and book a time slot at their convenience :)