Understanding Astrology

Celestial cycles have been observed by civilizations around the world for the duration of recorded history.  From these observations, people were able to gather valuable information about mundane events, weather, and natural law.  How does this work? Just as the lunar cycle affects the tides of the oceans, our inner self experiences similar fluctuations with the passing influences of the moon and other celestial bodies.  Tuning in to these natural cycles and understanding the flow of energy that defines our given nature can be extremely helpful in understanding, seeing, and navigating our lives.

Using archetypal and elemental wisdom, astrology charts and defines the interaction of cosmic entities in order to more deeply understand the quality of an event, individual, or period of time.  Astrology, fundamentally, is a map of energy.  Used personally, it describes the inner consciousness and psychology of an individual based off of the energetic blueprint they came into at their time of birth.  Astrology is a tool to help us come in better alignment with our true nature by connecting us with this blueprint and its wisdom about ourselves and the cyclical nature of our lives here on earth.  The goal is to tune into our soul's purpose & work and see our lives from a higher perspective in order to deal more intelligently with energies at play, and ultimately live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Every individual is unique and has a unique mission.  An astrologer's purpose is to interpret the symbols and interacting energies for those seeking clarity and understanding about themselves, their life, and their direction.  It is my hope as an astrologer to be able to assist others along their path of self inquiry and understanding.