Astrology, language of the stars, is a wise and practical tool for understanding your innate nature and life cycles...


Come sit with me and experience the unfolding of your celestial image to reveal profound insight, context & direction from the soul level.


About my readings...


For me, looking at a chart is like opening a window to a person's inner world.  Subtle, complex, and multifaceted -- natal charts are the living, breathing, cosmic image of our human identity and experience.

In my readings I provide accurate, in-depth analysis of the patterning present in your chart, as well as the energetic context for your life past, present, and future.  Sessions run approximately 90 minutes, and can cover just about any topic that is a focus for you.

My work is especially devoted to spiritual growth, life cycles, and recognizing/unraveling soul-based patterns.  We will work towards understanding the evolutionary function of challenges, recognizing how to tap into and trust your natural rhythm and flow, and uncover insight into your soul's vision for this lifetime.

Readings are available in person and from a distance.  Booking online is super easy -- just click the button below to schedule your session :)!

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