I am a spiritual, intuitive, multi-faceted artist of many mediums located in the Asheville, NC area.

From a young age I have immersed myself in the arts and spent most of my time pursuing and studying different creative modalities.  Music, martial arts, writing, and various types of visual arts were my original areas of interest.  In 2009, I was first exposed to the healing and intuitive arts.  I was deeply changed and inspired to discover the practice of self transformation.

At present, my primary work is assisting Master Frank J. Paolillo in teaching Internal Martial Arts & spiritual cultivation at the Tao Institute in Downtown Asheville, NC -- as well as offering Astrology readings here at MelaLuna Celestial Arts.

To be connected with my natural spirit, and live life from my natural spirit is my aspiration -- and also the root of my service to others.  We all have a path that is our path and only ours.  To assist others in finding this path, and walking upon it with confidence through profound self knowledge, is my focus and specialty.