Testimonials From My Clients

"Mela's reading was remarkably accurate. I always approach these things skeptically but was pleasantly surprised when the session was filled with wise and highly relevant insights. I loved that Mela held space for all of me and met me where I was. This meant a welcoming space for seriousness and depth as well as laughter and playfulness. I left the session with lots useful guidance and a deeper understanding of myself. Mela is a warm, compassionate person and a truly gifted astrologer. I look forward to future sessions. I highly recommend her!"

- Be

"Both of my readings with Mela have been incredibly perceptive and thorough. She was dead accurate in recognizing patterns and giving insight into the way events were likely to progress, and really helped me work through some tough spots when things were more than a little murky and confusing. I look forward to making the birth chart reading my annual present to myself. Thank you!!!"

- Tiana

"Not knowing very much about astrology before the reading, I was a little hesitant, but open. Mela sent the reading via email, and I read it several times because I gained deeper instruction from each pass at the text. She described long-standing conflicts in my family, and articulated some of my deepest fears, while at the same time creating life-giving images to propel me forward. The reading was a true gift. It provided me a perspective on which I reflect daily."

- Sarah

"Mela observes the whole chart and goes into great depth as information intuitively comes forth. She excels at articulating imbalances as illustrated by overall aspect patterns and emphasized energies. Mela's approach is informed by her life experience both as a raw human being and an astrologer. Her willingness to deal with dark as well as light allows for practical information on healing imbalance and promoting spiritual evolution. Thanks Mela!"

- Virginia

"Mela gave me the first reading I'd ever had and I was completely blown away by her reading skill--she has a way of presenting deeply personal and potentially delicate subjects that is so warm and open it's impossible to feel uncomfortable discussing your life with her. She read aspects of my personality and life intentions that I'm too shy to even share with my closest friends but I felt absolutely no trepidation talking about them with her. After the reading was done, it took about a full week to fully absorb everything and process it and it gave me so much to think about and work towards. Mela is incredibly insightful, engaging, kind, and intuitive. I fully intend to treat myself to a reading with her every year!"

- Aliza

"Mela's readings with me have been insightful, instructive and in-depth. She has an innate sense of what are the most important aspects to feature in the coming weeks and months. I highly recommend Mela as my personal astrologer."

- MaryJane

"Mela did charts for my girlfriend and I. She did individual charts and then one for our relationship. These were chock full of detail. She is deeply knowledgeable and invites clients into a relationship with their chart that promotes growth, healing, and understanding. She interprets astrological data through both Eastern and Western lenses. Both my girlfriend and I were impressed with the detail, care, and joy that Mela lent to our readings. I would definitely recommend her readings to anyone seeking deeper awareness of themselves and the cosmos which they inhabit."

- Brian