Asheville Friends of Astrology Presentation

Friday, April 20, 2018, 7-9PM

at Earth Fare Westgate, Asheville, NC

On Friday, April 20, I will be presenting a talk at the Asheville Friends of Astrology meeting on East/West Astrology.  In this talk I will be introducing the basics of Chinese Astrology & Taoist Cosmology and how it can inform and blend with the Western Astrological Perspective.

Although these systems are quite different, a working knowledge of both can create a useful intersection for understanding the thematic qualities of a year, and the people born within it.  Focusing especially on the Chinese Year Pillar, we will weave the qualities of the 5 elements & 12 animals into the Tropical planetary picture.  Please feel free to send along your birth info to be included in the discussion.

This talk is by donation and anybody is welcome!