2019 January Eclipse & Lunar New Year COMBINED REPORT


2019 January Eclipse & Lunar New Year COMBINED REPORT

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This listing is for both January 2019’s Eclipse report AND February 2019’s Full Lunar New Year Anaylsis. I am offering both of these together as a joint reading so that you can make the most out of 2019.

Once purchased you will receive an email with a link to download the file to your computer or mobile device. This link will expire 24 hours from when it is first clicked, so please download the file within this timeframe. Please reach out if you have any issues at all with the download and I will be happy to assist you.

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The 2019 Combined Report includes a 17 page in-depth astrology analysis for the Year of the Yin Earth Boar AND a 12 page analysis of the January 2019 Eclipses.

These reports include:

  • A short retrospective reflecting on how the energies of 2018 played out and the influences which lead into 2019

  • An explanation of the Chinese Lunar Years and how I work with them

  • Analysis and dates for all major planetary aspect patterns of 2019

  • Comprehensive & intuitive analysis of the Year of the Earth Boar as a whole from an East/West perspective

  • Perspectives on using Astrology as a tool for soul expansion

  • Discussion of Taoist principle “Wu Wei”/Non-doing when working with Astrology

  • In-depth explanation of the meaning of Eclipses and their function in our spiritual process

  • A full analysis of the energies of the Partial Solar Eclipse on January 5

  • A full analysis of the energies fo the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21

  • Dates of previous periods that relate to this one

  • A brief note on what to expect for the New Year of 2019 (more to come in next month’s Lunar New Year article)

All of my astrology writings are geared towards spiritual evolution and deepening ones understanding of energy as it plays out in our lives.